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  • Semifinal Day: Loooong Day on Court

    I was on the court at least 6 hours today playing matches…started singles around 1:30, finished at 5pm then played doubles from about 6:15 to 9pm. That’s a lot of tennis. We started late because of morning rain, but as predicted it stopped around 11 or 11:30 and the courts were dry by 12:30. We had to wait a bit for a consolation match to finish. I played Shannon Gordon Carney from St Louis. She’s a former All American from UCLA and currently coaches a college team in St. Louis. She’s a counter puncher, I’m a counter puncher, we had long rallies despite a very stiff and persistent cross wind. I won 63 36 61…took five match points though in the last game. Susan Wright dispatched Texan Cindy Johnson 61 60. In doubles Robin Harris and I had a long battle which began in sunlight and finished under the lights. We won 36 61 64 against Una Davis/Tracey Thompson and it was a tough match with a lot of excellent points. We play Wright/Carney in the doubles final tomorrow…they took out Abbi Neuthaler/Erin Boynton 76 62.

    In other divisions, Lorna Brooks (my pre tournament dark horse pick in the 80s) reached the final with a 61 76 win over #2 seed Burnett Herrick. She plays top seeded Dorothy Wasser in the final; Dorothy edged Carol Wood in two tight sets.

    In doubles, Lola. O’Sullivan/Barbara Oldfield, the #3 seeds, upset #2 seeded Lynn Tietz/Carol Wood and take on #4 seeded Claudia Giacommini/Dorothy Matthiessen in the final. Claudia/Dorothy upset Wasser/Herrick in a long tough three setter.

    In the 70s Judy Dixon advanced to the final with a tough 3-setter over Carol Gay. I am not sure who won the other semi; the tournament website says Molly Hahn, but another press release says Sue Kimball…stay tuned. Update: Hahn won 63 62.

    I do know though that Dixon/Vicky McEvoy are in the doubles final against Kathy Bennett/Liane Bryson.

    In the 50s, the top 2 seeds, Andrea Rice and Jennifer Dawson advanced in straight sets to the final; Rice/Anna Zimmermann upset #1 seeded Deb Higa/Jennifer Lyons 62 75 and Dawson/Jenny Rens Keller ousted Kepler/Neuthaler.

    As expected Jane Lutz and Rita Price are in the 90 singles final.

    Live cam from ct 2: Court 2: https://www.ipcamlive.com/ljbtc

    Draws: https://m.tennislink.usta.com/TournamentHome/tournament.aspx?t=222471

  • USIC Tennis Presidents’ Cup

    The International Club (IC) is a tennis organization originally founded by the United States and Great Britain…today it consists of about 30 countries. It’s a way for mostly high level players to get together in a more casual competition than tournaments.

    The Presidents’ Cup is a biannual competition between France and the United States for men and women who have played for their country in the past or who have won national titles. In 2016 it was held in La Jolla, California at the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club. This year, the 7th iteration of the event, it was held in Normandy France, at two different clubs, the Garden Club in Cabourg and at the Villiers Sur Mer Club. The French Captain was Bruno Renoult and the US Co-Captains were Charlie Hoeveler and Erika Smith.

    This competition is named for Robert “Bobby” Abdesselam and Eugene “Gene” Scott, who were long-time presidents of the French IC and USIC, respectively.

    The two teams first got together on Thursday evening at the City Hall in Cabourg for wine and then walked to the beach to a creperie for dinner which the French IC hosted. (I had moules frites…mussels and French fries..and a salade verte (green salad)..very good!).

    On Friday the French IC arranged for the teams to go to the Beaches in Normandy where DDay took place and to see the DDay memorial and cemeteries. Needless to say it was very moving and hard to fathom the carnage of that day. The beaches are so long and the the cliffs so steep.

    On Saturday we had our first round of matches, singles in the morning and early afternoon followed by doubles. I played Bridgette Simon, who played on tour in the 70s and was a very good player, though she said now she plays mostly golf. In the afternoon Mai Ichikawa-Abel and I played doubles against Brigette Cadoret and Nicole Hesse. In between the French treated us to a delicious buffet…just the bread and cheese were fantastic, and then there was carrot salad and apple torte…I do love French food!

    Here’s a photo of the USA players (thanks Cheri Wulf for taking the photo!)

    It was a good thing we played tennis because we had another nice dinner, in Deauville, which is on the beach, featuring hake (fish), and an ice cream and Madeline desert which was superb.

    Today, Sunday, was all doubles. Paul Wulf and I played Bridgette Cadoret and Clive, which was fun. Then Armistead Neely and I took on Geoff Cykman and Sylvie (they whomped us). Overall though the USA retained the Cup till 2020 anyway, when the 8th iteration will be held in the USA.

    For more information on the USIC tennis, go to USICtennis.org.

    I’m off now to a tournament in Croatia, my last stop on this European tour!

  • Presidents’ Cup: USIC vs French IC in La Jolla, California

    The USIC stands for the United States International Club. There are 38 members from Argentina to Uruguay to Singapore to South Africa (for a complete list go to ictennis.net). The IC was created in the 1920s by Great Britain; France and USA were the next two members. The object was to bring together players in a competitive but friendly environment. There are IC matches all over the world.

    November 10-11 the USIC and French IC met at the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club to play for the “Presidents’ Cup” It’s a biannual event, hosted every four years by the US and every four years by France. There were singles matches Thursday and Friday mornings and doubles and mixed in the afternoons in La Jolla. They were preceded by gala dinners on Wednesday and Thursday night. The USA all but wrapped up the Cup by day’s end on Thursday, as Charlie Hoeveler assembled a stellar team led by Ros Nideffer a former French Open doubles champion, Dan Goldie, the Stanford star, and many current and former Cup team members such as Paul Wulf, Bob Litwin, Charlie Hoeveler, Judy Newman, Carolyn Nichols, & Erika Smith, and USC coach Peter Smith, a many time national champion in his own right.

    The weather could not have been better…it was warm and beautiful even for La Jolla, in the 80s and in November!

    For more information on the USIC, go to usictennis.org. For more information on the history of the Presidents’ Cup click here.

    For all photos click here.

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