Return of the Rain & A Trip up the Mountain: Mont Tremblant Friday

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Surprise, surprise, it rained in Mont Tremblant today! Eventually it led to a complete cancellation of play today. As a result, tomorrow there are tons of matches and all will be using the extreme format of no-ad short (first to 4 games, tiebreak at 4-4-) sets with a 10 point tiebreaker in lieu of a third set. The tournament went directly from two out of three full sets to this format for singles (for doubles, a match tiebreak was always in the card for doubles). This is turning into a rest week for me.

We play 2nd match not before 10:30 which is the 6th match on the court and it’s on red clay!

So since there was no tennis today, I walked around the golf course near my condo (which was…very green), into the ski village, up the hill under the gondola a short way and back, then took the gondola up to the top of the mountain. It was quite a long ride to the top…where there were plenty of the biting bugs waiting for me! There were also a lot more chair lifts up there and a lodge, and some nice views. It was pretty cold, 55 or so and breezy (cold when one is wearing shorts).

Tremblant Village
Lac Tremblant (lower left & center) and the ride up the gondola
View from the top of the gondola (to the east)

After returning to the base, I walked to the tennis courts to see what was happening. I hadn’t looked at the website since I saw the doubles was postponed till tomorrow so was surprised to see all the seemingly dry courts empty. The woman I spoke with said no one was allowed to hit on the courts because they were so soft and that they would be guarding them! Apparently there is an academy in the area with four courts though where many of the younger players were practicing.

And that’s a wrap on the tennis tournament for today. Here is hoping for drier weather tomorrow.

The good news for today: As of 12:01 am on June 12 (Sunday, the day I am flying back), negative covid test results are no longer required to enter the USA! Read more here.

7 responses to “Return of the Rain & A Trip up the Mountain: Mont Tremblant Friday

  1. There were 5.5 hours of no rain and much sunshine from 3pm on. No way Har-Tru courts wouldn’t have dried within an hour or two at most.
    Very disappointing to have the TD radically change the scoring format because of one day rained out in a week long ITF 1000 level tournament, especially for those of us who travelled internationally to play competitive tennis.

    • Just repeating what I was told at 5pm when several people were asking if they could hit there. Told the courts (after so many days of rain) were soft. I only saw one with puddles and know people were hitting on other courts around the area.

  2. Guess I should be happy I’ve gotten in about 2.5 hours. Can’t believe with only three matches left in the M65s we have to play matches which may last 40 minutes each if they are close. I wrote to Mr. Brunelle asking him to reconsider.

    • I don’t know what the weather forecast was for Sunday…and I do think that some courts reach a saturation point past which they don’t dry quickly. Good luck tomorrow.

  3. similar issues here in Losinj Croatia at the European 1000 tournament Carolyn. despite forecast of 100% chance of rain on Thursday; many matches were not played on Wednesday. Of the ones played, some were scheduled for QF ; some not, so tournament play rounds were ‘out of sync’. Combined with other order of play communication delays and errors and additional venues added (not in the factsheet). Many walkovers in the final round as people are leaving before the end of matches.. another disappointment…k

    • Not great as an itf1000, and interesting that the 2 tournaments are the same week.

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