Sa Pobla, Spain

Sa Pobla is a small town in the north central part of Mallorca, about 10 km from Muro beach. The downtown is very quaint, densely packed, with a central square and narrow streets lined with typical Mallorcan buildings (stone facades and green or brown shutters). The population is about 12,000. I’m staying near the center but only a 10 minute walk away I was in the countryside, which has old stone farm buildings and fields of hay, corn, olive orchards, and I even saw a field of artichokes.

Farming outside Sa Pobla.

The streets in the town are very narrow and mostly one-way. Most don’t even have room for parking.

Sa Pobla

I walked around the town today, Saturday and it was very quiet, even the town square was mostly empty. There was a sermon going on in the large and pretty church. But tomorrow is market day so it should be bustling then.

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