A Visit to the Rafael Nadal Academy

This afternoon I drove to Manacor where the Rafael Nadal Academy is located, on the outskirts of the town. I’ve been there before but it looks like some big changes are coming…lots of construction was going on, of an indoor tennis center I believe.

Clay and Hard Courts and what appears to be an indoor complex being built. An artificial grass walking/running track is nearly complete.

The academy itself is quite large, with a restaurant (which was busy at 2:30 in the afternoon) nice looking dorms, a Rafa Nadal tennis museum, lots of hard courts (each and every one of which had singles sticks up!), a small soccer field, and next door, at the Rafael Nadal Club, a well stocked pro shop, red clay courts and padel courts.

I watched a little of the training…it seemed like a typical tennis camp, with players who were of different levels both of ability and of interest in being there. There were about 2 pros for every dozen players or so. At the red clay courts there were six boys and 2 pros and the level was higher. Of course they were using Babolat balls (a type of Babolat Gold).

The academy was about 40 minutes from where I am staying, west of me, and after leaving there I went to train in Marraxti which was another 35-40 minutes away…I ended up doing a big circle of the middle of the island. There are a lot of small towns with nice looking churches, from afar anyway, and lots of agriculture.

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  1. Been very interested in this journey. Did you say you hit with Raphael? If I play in the Worlds renting a place on the seashore, would that be hrs away? What might be the the best for tennis and near the shore as well?

    • Roz, I hit with Rafa at the academy I go to…but not Rafa Nadal! It’s a common name here. I don’t know where the worlds will be…and it depends on what seashore. If you mean around Cala Millor, probably not but till the fact sheets are published, who knows where the headquarters for the worlds will be. I would not make any nonrefundable plans yet. Near the shore and tennis…in the Cala Millor/Cala Bona area probably. The Beach Club Font de sa Cala is near a beach too (the clue is the name). But again…I don’t know the plans of the ITF. Or even if the worlds will take place as planned.

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