Singles Finalist & A Trip to Nadal Academy

List of players/teams finishing 1-4 are listed here.

I lost to Lisa Prechtel in the final of the Mallorca 1000 today…she played very well (she is the current 60s world champion) and it took me way to long to figure out any sort of plan against her. She has a wonderful backhand and a solid steady forehand and makes few errors. It was a fun match that I lost 61 63.

Bill Moss lost yesterday in the semis to Alain Moracchini of France; Moracchini won the final in his second match of the day. Daniel Moss lost in the semis of the 30s.

After lunch and the awards ceremony I decided to check out the Nadal Academy.

I have been to the Nadal Academy several times (once to watch a challenger match featuring Andy Murray, just off his hip surgery). Each time it has expanded, but this time the difference was huge: 3 indoor hard courts , 7 indoor clay (partially covered, roof and part of the top and bottom, but fresh air and sunlight get through, 6 outdoor clay (and 2 more planned…the clay was looking in need of repair after the recent stormy weather, in addition there are several clay courts at Rafa Nadal Club next door), a gym, more housing for players living on site, some padel courts planned (in addition to the several located at the Rafael Nadal Club next door); and a new cafe outdoor between the indoor and outdoor courts. More buildings are under construction. There was already a pool, restaurant and spa. More parking is also under construction. The first time I was there we had a hard time finding it using google maps…now it’s one of the top tourist sites in Manacor. And of course there’s also a Rafa Nadal museum featuring his trophies and video (which I visited a long time ago).

The next tournament starts today but I have a bye and probably play tomorrow. Those draws can. be found here. Not many Americans, but I did run into Pam Schulz and Greg Shephard here.

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