Singles Run Over, Doubles Final Friday Morning

Draws are here.

Today, Thursday May 5 was the hottest day of the tournament just as the tournament gets down to the nitty gritty. It was 90+ and humid. I played Pat Medrado. I’ve played her a few times now…and lost a few times, but each time slowly inching closer. I lost 61 64 in about 2 1/4 hours…and had two points to level the second set, but Pat upped her game and her courage to finish out the match. She played very well for the most part, making few errors, moving well and moving me a lot! Overall it was a good match. She faces Diane Barker in the final, which we thought would be tomorrow, given that there had already been a day off during the week, but the final will be on Saturday.

Since there was no medal ceremony for semifinal losers, Susan and I had our own…photo by Sabine Schmidt

Since there’s no singles tomorrow, the ITF scheduled the doubles final (which we expected to be around 1 or 2pm) for 10:30, so this post will be brief.

Meanwhile, Donna Fales, 81, is scheduled for three finals in a row tomorrow, singles, doubles and mixed!

Carolyn Lane, my doubles partner, and Steve Dance (AUS) fell in a very tight match in mixed to Jenny Cerff and Jacob Klaussen of RSA 11-9 in the match tiebreak, having saved 3 match points at 9-6, one a second serve by Carolyn which hit the line (but the So African team hit plenty of lines in the tiebreaker as well). It was a good match, played with great spirit. They face defending champions Marc Renout/Benedicte LeGrand in the final.

Lane, Dance, Cerff, Klaussen

Other main draw matches tomorrow:

  • W85: Devries vs King USA
  • M85: King Van Nostrand
  • M70D: Grossman USA/Andrew Rae (AUS)vs Paul Wulf/Len Wofford (USA)
  • W75D: Carol Gay USA/Petro Kruger RSA vs Carolann Castell/Sue Kimball USA
  • M90: Henri Cutchet FRA vs Geore McCabe USA
  • W70D: Karwasky/Kirkland-Cochran USA vs Adams GER/Jamieson NZL
  • M75S: Camina Borda ESP vs Geoffrey Moore USA
  • Mxd 75: Kirkland Cochran/Carlson USA vs Jamieson NZL/Barrett USA
  • M65 Semis: Buycxx USA vs Vines USA & BusbyAUS/Kaisserian FRA
  • M70 SF: Thung NED vs Litwin USA & Sivertson USA vs Porter CAN
  • M80F: Balch/Placek vs Drilling/Stewart all USA
  • X80 F: Fales/Drilling vs DeVries/Jones all USA
  • WD80F: Fales USA/Orth GER vs Anderson/Hillebrand USA
  • X 75: Maclennan/Tutt GBR vs Benedetti FRA/Velasco ESP
  • W80S : Fales USA vs Orth GER

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