Soggy End to World Championships in Turkey

It just kept raining in Turkey. But the ITF shortened the formats and many of the finals were completed today.

Americans won several titles: Jane Lutz won the 85 singles and mixed (with Aussie Doug Corbett), the latter via a default in the final. King Van Nostrand won this 10th world singles title over George McCabe, also from the USA, the 80 singles. McCabe didn’t go home empty handed though, he and Chuck Nelson won the 80 doubles crown. Les Buck and Mike Dahm won the 65 doubles. It was Buck’s second straight world doubles title. They won the final by default but had to play and win the semis today to get there. Roz King fell in the singles final to Canada’s Inge Weber and deVries/King had to default the doubles final.

 Van Nostrand, KingLutz, Jane Mike DahmLes BuckMcCabe, GeorgedeVriesKing     Rush, JodyDean Corley 

The women’s 60s singles and doubles finals were undecided today and both featured American Tina Karwasky, the defending champion in both divisions. She was playing her doubles partner in the final. Both had to play the semis earlier in the day. Karwasky  3/2 in the second set tiebreak when when the final rains started during the 60 singles final; they obviously had yet to play the doubles final at that juncture. Dean Corley/Jody Rush are down in their semifinal men’s 70 doubles match, but the match hasn’t been completed, nor will it. 

According to the article, rain in the early part of the day meant no play could begin till after 2pm. Matches were suspended on and off during the day according to the Live Scoring results.

According to a player who was on site: Play was discontinued at 8pm Turkey time today and there will be no more play this year.

This means that the ITF Super Senior World Championship was not completed due to the extremely bad (and unusually bad) weather.

ITF Seniors Article:


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  1. The ITF should never hold this event without indoor backup.



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