Stage Set for Finals in Miami at ITF Seniors World Championships

After six days of hard play in the Miami heat, the finals are (mostly) set in Miami. Americans have done well overall and are in a lot of finals.

The men’s 50 division though is not one in which the Americans excelled. The final is between Filippeschi (ITA) and Persson (SWE). Persson was down 63 and up 1/0 to Braasch when Braasch retired. However Braasch and Blasé managed to reach the doubles final against Schmucking/Sturmp, in an all German final.

The men’s 55 however is an all American affair by two players who weren’t eve on the US men’s 55 Cup team: Mike Fedderly and Peter Markes. This just shows the depth of senior tennis in the USA. Fedderly and Mike Tammen, USA Konstantinos Effraimoglou (GRE)and Jacques Hervert (FRA) in the final. Fedderly/Tammen took out another American team in the semis, Greg Boyer/Stephen Phillips.

Nov. 8, 2017; Key Biscayne, FL: 
Peter Markes (USA) (MS55)Nov 8, 2017; Miami, FL, USA; Mike Fedderly (USA) MS55Nov 05, 2017; Miami FL, USA; Mike Tammen (USA) - M55

In the 60s men’s final the top two seeds, Glen Busby (AUS) and Pierre Godfroid (FRA) will meet. In the 60 doubles final, Busby/Ross Persons (USA) will face Wes Cash/Danny Waldman (USA).. Max Buycxk reached the semis where he fell in three sets to Godfroid. Cash/Waldman were a last minute pairing after Cash’s regular partner Mark Vines broke his ankle. Cash/Waldman beat Doug Ditmer (USA)/Andrew Stanley (GBR but lives in USA) in the semis.

Nov 05, 2017; Miami FL, USA; Daniel Waldman (USA) - M60Nov 05, 2017; Miami FL, USA; Doug Ditmer (USA) - M60Nov 6, 2017; Miami, FL, USA; Daniel Waldman (USA) MS60Nov 8, 2017; Miami, FL, USA; Maxime Buyckx (USA) MS60Nov 05, 2017; Miami FL, USA; Ross Persons (USA) - M60

Three of the four women’s 50 singles semifinalists were from the USA. Klaartje Van Baarle took out unseeded Jenny Klitch (USA) in one semi (63 40 ret.) and Ros Nideffer had to battle long and hard to get past unseeded American Andrea Rice 46 61 75. What a match! Nideffer is also in the doubles final with Gretchen Rush, USA against Argentinians Mariana Metola/Monica Patron.

Nov. 9, 2017; Miami Beach, FL: 
Jenny Klitch (USA) (WS50)Nov. 9, 2017; Miami Beach, FL: 
Jenny Klitch (USA) (WS50)Nov 9, 2017; Miami, FL, USA; Andrea Rice (USA) WS50Nov 9, 2017; Miami, FL, USA; Rosalyn Nideffer (USA) WS50Nov.7, 2017; Miami Beach, FL: 
Gretchen Rush (USA) (WS50)

In the 55s, Helga Nauk (GER) has been taking out Americans right and left including Tracy Houk and in the semis Gayle Prejean. She’ll face another American, Vicki Buholz, who reached her first singles final with a three set win over Chris French from GBR. The doubles will be constested between Ros Balodis/Leanne Swaysland (AUS) and Beatrice Villaverde/Macela Voyane (ARG). The latter team took out Buhoz/Judy Newman, USA in the semis.

The 60s final is between Americans Susan Wright and Diane Barker, both of whom bestowed double bagels on their opponents today, Diane ousting German Gundi Weiland and Susan taking out unseeded Kathy Foulk, who had a great run to the semis. Wright/Pat Medrado have cruised into the doubles final where they will play Abbi Neuthaler, USA and Jenny Cerff RSA. Abbi & Jenny had a knockdown dragout win over Americans Leslie Murveit/Shannon Gordon Carney, winning 76 46 11-9!

Nov. 9, 2017; Miami Beach, FL: 
Kathy Foulk (USA) (WS60)Nov. 9, 2017; Miami Beach, FL: 
Susan Wright (USA) (WS60)Nov 9, 2017; Miami, FL, USA; Diane Barker (USA) WS60Nov 9, 2017; Miami, FL, USA; Diane Barker (USA) WS60

Shannon has a chance for revenge in mixed against Jenny, as they are still playing the mixed semis with their partners Rollin Rhone (USA) and Lindsey North (RSA) respectively. The winner will face Godfroid/Medrado.

Nov. 8, 2017; Miami Beach, FL: 
Jenny Cerff (RSA) (XD60) & Lindsay North (RSA) (XD60)Nov. 8, 2017; Miami Beach, FL: 
Jenny Cerff (RSA) (XD60)

The 50 mixed is Yael Nadler/Giliad Bloom (ISR) vs Patron/Fernando de Masino (ARG).

The 55 mixed is Laura De Vittori (ITA)/Philip Seeman (NZL) vs Carole DeBruin/Berend Betz (NED).

Photos courtesy of, Fred/Susan Mullane.


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