USA Wins Men’s 55, Women’s 60s in Miami 

The USA women’s 60 team cruised past Great Britain to win the Alice Marble Cup. Diane Barker lost 2 games, Susan Wright 8, in 4 matches over 6 days. Germany finished third. Congratulations to Barker, Wright, Pat Purcell and Leslie Murveit.

The men’s 55 team, Austria Cup, tied at a match apiece after singles, won the deciding doubles behind stellar play from Ken White (note correction) and Mike Tammen this morning to upset top seeded France, then beat #2 seeded Italy 3/0 to win the Cup. Bill Moss and Tammen won today in singles. Bill White completed the team. France won the bronze.

m55 with trophy better

The men’s Von Cramm Cup team, M60, won bronze today over Spain quite easily. Ross Persons and Max Buyckx played singles today. Wes Cash and Sal Castillo completed the team. Australia won and France was second.

The USA Maria Bueno Cup team lost two very tight singles matches (Jenny Klitch, Roz Nideffer) to fall to Germany. Doubles wasn’t played. Shelly Works and Natalie Herreman-Bagby completed the team. Spain won the bronze.

In the Connolly Cup, W55, Australia won 🥇, Germany was 🥈and Great Britain was third. USA finished 5th.

In the Perry Cup, M50, #1 Italy beat #2 France. #6 Germany beat #3 Sweden. Germany quietly had very good results. USA men’s 50 ended up 8th.

Thanks to Leslie Airola and Denise Saiki for the women’s 60 and men’s 55 photos respectively.

Photos will be added to this post as I receive them.

Results and links to earlier Seniors Cup articles can be found here.

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