Sunday Late

Opening ceremonies were tonight after the captains’ meetings. Seeds were announced and draws made.

We practiced in the morning for an hour then came back Zona Rosa area. I went to the captains’ meeting at the Chapultepec Club which seemed fantastic, and was within walking distance of our hotel and did walk over there.

USA is seeded #1 in the women’s 45 and 55 and men’s 50s; #2 in the women’s 40, 50 &  #3 in the 55s men and were also seeded in the other men’s divisions, but I can’t remember the number, 4 in the 40s I think…the women’s 35s are unseeded.

We have a bye tomorrow and then start our round robin play. Sweden and Turkey are in our round robin groups. After the day off tomorrow we play the next 5 days straight. The winner of our round robin group will play the 2nd place finisher of another group on Thursday, in the quarters of the knockout draw. Third seeded Great Britain is in our half of the draw.

There was a fabulous opening ceremony, really impressive. We marched in to the stadium court, to music and in front of a decent sized crowd and after a lot of speeches, there was entertainment for about 45 minutes, great dancing, and a fireworks display.

Apparently we are having early practice tomorrow and my teammates are eager to get going early and also scout our opponents of the next couple of days. 

IMG_9178 USA teams in Mexico City

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