Synopses of USA Draws for Manavgat teams

Men’s 35s: Italia Cup:

 USA is unseeded and is in Group 4 with the 5/6 seed of South Africa. Other teams in their round robin group are Romania and Ireland. USA plays today against Ireland, then tomorrow against Romania and on Wednesday against So Africa.

The seeds in the Italia Cup are Spain, France, then Russia & Germany followed by So Africa and Great Britain. There are 23 teams in this competition.  

Men’s 40s, Tony Trabert Cup

 USA is seeded #1 in the Trabert Cup. The other teams in their round robin group are Canada and Australia. There are 7 groups of 3 teams in this competition, 21 teams. The USA has a bye today, then plays Australia on Tuesday followed by Canada on Wednesday.  

The remaining seeds in the Trabert Cup are #2: Great Britain; ¾ France and Italy; 5/6 Germany and Austria and #7: Argentina

 Men’s 50s: Fred Perry Cup  

USA is seeded #3 in the Perry Cup behind #1 Spain and #2 France. There are 20 teams total, in 6 groups. The other seeds are #4 Australia and 5/6 Italy and Great Britain.  

USA has a bye today, then plays Turkey Tuesday and Argentina on Wednesday. They would face Spain in the semis if they both get that far.

 Women’s 35, Suzanne Lenglen Cup:

 USA is seeded #2 and is in a 5 team round robin group with Netherlands, Turkey, Germany and Spain. They play Turkey today, then Netherlands Tuesday, bye Wednesday, Germany on Thursday and Spain Friday. The top seed is France. The ¾ seeds are Great Britain and Spain. There are 10 teams in this event.

 Women’s 40, Young Cup

USA is seeded #2 and is in a 4 team round robin with So Africa, Turkey, and Spain. USA plays South Africa today and that will be a tough match. The other seeds are #1 Italy and ¾ France and Netherlands.

 There are 4 groups of 4 teams, 16 total.

 Women’s 50, Bueno Cup

USA is seeded #1 and in a round robin group with Slovenia and Netherlands. The remaining seeds are #2 Australia and ¾ Great Britain and Austria. There are 15 teams in this division, 3 groups of 4 teams and one group of 3 teams.

USA plays Netherlands Tuesday and Slovenia Wednesday, with a bye on Monday and Thursday. The winner of the USA round robin group will then play the winner of Austria’s group on Friday.

Connolly Cup, Women’s 55  

USA is seeded #1, followed by Netherlands, and 3 & 4 Great Britain and Australia.

USA is in a round robin group with Ireland and Turkey. They have a bye today then play Turkey on Tuesday and Ireland on Wednesday. Thursday they will play a team which finished 2nd in its group.

There are a total of 12 teams in this division, 4 groups of 3 teams.

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