Team Photos Today

Today we have the captains’ meetings in the afternoon, followed by the opening ceremonies.

We started early, with team photos at 8am. There were 39 players (Charleen Hillebrand got to Ali Bey in the wee hours of the morning and understandably didn’t make it). Dori deVries, Geoff Cykman and Bob Quall are all missing their luggage…and all flew out of San Francisco.

Donald Long and Dean Corley made it hear on barely a week’s notice to fill out the men’s 70 team. JB Hayes also made it here at the last minute for the men’s 75 team.

Here are some team and a group photos. To see more click here.

The draws are up: click here to see them..  


USA Super Senior Teams 2014

Bitsy Grant Cup, M75 Brittania, M65 Doris HArt Cup W80 Gardnar Mulloy Cup M80 Jack Crawford Cup M70 Queens Cup w 75 Von Cramm Cup, M60 W60 Karwasky Bronson, Giles, Bramlette W65

Missing: Women’s 70s as a player was missing.

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