Team Practice Day; Bad Luck for USA Doris Hart Cup Again

Today I had an early start, practicing at 7:30 with Ellen Dawson, whose husband, Tony, is on the men’s 60 team. I saw several of the captains from various countries in line waiting to get practice courts; the sign up wasn’t ill 9am and each team was allotted 2 30 minute slots, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. However, many other courts were open and everyone seemed to get in enough tennis.

I had an ITF meeting on procedures, then looked for another hit, since after today it’ll be hard to get on the courts. I ran into my German mixed partner from yesterday, Richard, and also Vladimir from Russia and we played doubles with someone from Lithuania, a very international group of players. We got in two sets, had a lot of fun too.

I found out this afternoon though that Mary John Lynch, the #1 player on the 80s team, traveling for the first time out of the country in 50 years, with her husband, had a freak accident on the airplane…reached under her seat, ripped open her hand and had to have stitches in it…can’t play for 2 weeks. Last year the #2 player, Lucille Kyvallos, fell on the first day and broke her elbow and had to have surgery. I really feel sad for Mary John more than anything, but at least her injury isn’t as bad as that Lucille had, but the timing sure is awful.

I had dinner later with the women’s 60 teams, Sue Bramlette, Rita Giles, Sherri Bronson and Tina Karwasky, and Bob Bramlette. Sue said they were helping Tina perfect her drop volley today; I think it’s quite fine already.

Picture day tomorrow and I’ll be posting lots of photos, which will go onto my website ( on the lower slideshow. For some reason the internet provider here is blocking access to my website. I can load it fine from my phone but not from my computer using wifi! However, I can use my phone if necessary to upload page changes, but I will also be loading lots of information to

Have a great night everyone, more tomorrow.

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  1. I am so sorry for Mary John Lynch and the Team. Hope they play well and win even in the face of such a loss. Looking forward to all the photos and Cup Team play. A special hello to the 60 Cup Team too. thanks for all your reports.

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