The Sun Makes an Appearance in Mt. Tremblant

Mt. Tremblant is a very pretty area no matter the weather, with a long narrow lake bordered by tree covered hills. But when the sun shines as it did today it’s beautiful.

Last evening the sun was also shining and I had to stop to take a few photos. It was really beautiful light.

I played the final this morning against Jeannie MacEarchen. Jeannie plays under the Canadian flag but actually lives in the Tampa, Florida area year round. I didn’t have a warm up partner, but drove over to the practice facility to warm up and serve a bit. However, there were three men hitting there and one warmed me up (thanks Jeff). Jeannie plays on the Canadian Cup team and is steady, but I had a few more options to win points and won 61 61.

After lunch, I did some running, then a small hike along a stream parallel to one of the ski slopes rising behind Tremblant village. From the hill I could see most of the lake. It was a nice ending to my visit. Tomorrow I am off to Montreal for the day.



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