Mont Tremblant Thursday

Tennis was played today…the predicted rain stayed away and the courts were busy with matches all day. I played another local player, Martine St-Amant and won 60 60. I warmed up again with Mirek but apparently didn’t warm him up well enough since he lost to Luiz Penna. Penna though is quite a good player.

Tomorrow I think I play the final against Jeannie Maceachern who won her round robin group. She’s a solid player so it should be a good match.

After playing and having lunch, I went to the other venue which has a dozen courts for the players to practice on, an did a bit of serving and footwork to get ready for tomorrow.

There are quite a few good international men here, including Glen Busby, Jimmy Parker and in men’s 40s, David McNamara. I was watching some matches and saw McNamara playing…he’s very tall, fit and hits the ball a ton. His warm up was playing 18 holes of golf in the morning! There were a lot of people watching matches too.

Draws are here:

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