Thursday Midday Update

Hello from SUNNY Christchurch! I’m at Wilding Park today and the Marble Cup team beat Japan today, with Betty Wachob winning the #2 singles point and Brenda Carter playing a flawless match at #1 singles (great footwork). The same two are playing the doubles in anticipation of a tough match against Germany on Friday in the final RR match in the Marble Cup.
The Queens’ Cup team dropped their first match today, to Canada. Louise Russ lost in 3 sets at #2 singles. Mary Boswell is warming up now to play Rosie Asch at #1 singles. I’ll report on the outcome of that match soon.
The men’s 70s, women’s 70s and men’s 75s are playing at Hagley park on grass.
I’ll update this again later.
Last night there was a nice dinner party, lots of good food and not too many speeches, but the ones we had were fine. Marble, Betty Wachob 2Marble, Brenda CarterQueens, Louise RussQueens, Mary Boswell 2

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