USA Teams Stay on Course in NZ

USA remains in contention in all divisions as of Wed night.

Del Campbell and Fred Drilling won in singles in the Britannia Cup in Ashurton and Rudy Hernando/Alan Carter won the doubles point.

Dori deVries played for over 3 hours vs Gr Britain today…Dorothy Matthiessen played under an hour at #1 singles, both won and Roz King/Burnett Herrick won again and again had to go 3 sets (played a match tiebreaker actually after splitting…yesterday this dynamic duo played to 76 in the third)

Chuck Devoe at #2 and George McCabe at #1 made short work of the Bitsy Grant Brits and Tom Springer/Marvin Brown finished the sweep with a convincing doubles win. Chuck was planning on some doubles practice actually, since they have a tough match against Japan tomorrow in their final RR match.

The men’s 70s won, playing Gordon Davis at 2, and Herm Ahlers at 1 against Canada, who was missing their #1 player due to injury. Both Canadians played well especially in the first set but fell in straight sets. Ahlers/Bob Duesler won the doubles points. Jim Nelson had to return to the states due to a family emergency.

Graydon Nichols at #1 and Tony Franco at #2 beat their Swedish opponents; Bill Tully/Roald Flater won the doubles point.

Queens’ Cup won both singles points and then their opponents def’d the doubles, since they had a deciding doubles match from the previous day to complete…rain had halted the tie at one match apiece.

The 60s won and play top seeds, Germany tomorrow in the Alice Marble Cup. The men’s 60s also won though Michael Beautyman at #2 singles had a very long match against a seasoned opponent who had wins in his prime over Stan Smith and Eric Van Dillen and Cliff Ritchey.

It was another really cold day, tomorrow should be better.

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