Training It From Baden-Baden to Poertschach

The European trains, at least in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, are pretty nice and punctual. Nonetheless, it’s an all day affair to travel from Baden Baden to the Woerthersee.

The day began with an 8:34 (and yes, it did arrive at 8:34) with a short, but crowded train to Mannheim, less than 45 minutes.

I have nearly two hours till the next train, which goes directly to Poertschach (no change of train), and that will be an eight hour ride.

The train stations here in Germany are mostly non smoking but have open air smoking areas, distinguishable from the rest if the platform only by a yellow line delineating the smoking are and a couple of ash cans.

The train ride, once we reach the Austrian Alps is amazing, and I will post some photos later as I. Add to this post. I should arrive at 7, and have practice set for around 10 tomorrow.

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