Tuesday in Mallorca: First Round Finally in the Books!

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Tuesday was Day 4 of the ITF Masters Championships in Mallorca and I finally was able to play a match! The rain stopped and it was a beautiful day, but the tournament is still pretty far behind, with the Men’s 65s only into the round of 32 with four days left in the tournament.

I played Lyn Robinson, the #4 player on the Australian gold medal Cup team and won. For Lyn this trip is her first to Europe, and she’s been playing masters tennis for about five years. She’s from Melbourne and much prefers doubles to singles. I play Karien Theeuwes from Netherlands, one of my German teammates, tomorrow morning.

Bunnie Jackson, my doubles partner, finished her suspended match from yesterday by winning 12 straight points (she was up 60 3/2), and then beat Inge Pils from Austria in straight sets. She plays Ros Balodis tomorrow.

Susan won too and plays Katrin Dippner tomorrow.

In doubles, Tracey Thompson/Jenny Cerff won as did Carolyn Lane/Betty Michel. Tim Wright had to play the #7 seed, Martin Cornish in Sa Coma, but lost.

The Club in Sa Coma where Tim Wright played. Apparently the courts were topless (not enough clay on the courts).

We all have either doubles or mixed or both tomorrow in addition to the singles for Bunnie, Susan and myself.

We play at 9am, so that’s all for now.

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  1. How do I get background on logistics of the Lugano Switzerland tournament in July (expense, hotels, flights /trains, etc.)? Want to look into that one for the ’24 schedule….

  2. You sign into your ipin account (if you don’t have one, go to ipin.itftennis.com and create one, it’s free).
    Closer to the time of the tournament you can search for the Lugano tournament there, and there will be a fact sheet posted with information about the tournament.
    The ITFtennis.com site has a link to the masters tournament schedule too, but so far no Swiss tournaments are listed for the first 7 months of the year.
    As far as logistics, for housing I did a booking.com and airbnb search and then looked to see how far from the venue (TC Lido) the housing would be. I recommend air conditioning since it’s been really warm, 90s, the past 2 years, but that’s a personal preference. The nearest major airport is Milan but you can also fly into Zurich. Zurich is about 2 hours by train (use the Swiss train app to search and by tickets) or Milan, you can use the Italian train app I believe or just buy a ticket from the airport in either case. Switzerland uses the Swiss Franc, not the Euro. Italy uses the Euro.

    The fact sheet for 2023 is here for an example: https://ipin.itftennis.com/factsheet?tournamentId=dd781f85-7355-40ad-9000-b26e8c485866

    Till the tournament is on the schedule, I would not make plans for a specific event.

    For airfare I use google.com/flights and book directly with the airline. But there are lots of options to book flights.

    Hope that helps.

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