Update on Tournaments for 2021

Here’s the link to the official National USTA Adult & Family Tournament Schedule for 2021 Tournaments highlighted in pink have been officially cancelled for 2021.

As of January 12, 2021 the following tournaments have been cancelled for 2021:

  • Women’s 35-85 Grass at Germantown: Cancelled
  • Men’s 40/45/50 Grass at Germantown: Cancelled
  • Father/Daughter & Mother/Son Indoors in So Barrington IL: Cancelled
  • West Coast Seniors (Level 2, Men) and Joanne Russell Cup (Level 2 Women) in Naples: Cancelled
  • The Lamita Jabour Grandes Dames tournament in Fort Lauderdale
  • Grandes Dames, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Both were to be ITF S700.
  • Men’s Level 3 tournament in Naples January 10-16

The St Petersburg Level 2 Men’s tournament in Florida is now back on the ITF Schedule in February. You can enter by clicking here.

Also hearing rumors that the Mission Hills CC in Rancho Mirage may not host events in 2021, and that the Marin Seniors has been cancelled. But these are not confirmed. And the Men’s 65 Hard is still on the ITF Schedule as an ITFS1000.

The following tournaments have been postponed to the fall:

I will be updating this post weekly with tournament changes as I find out about them.

Please post any tournament changes or cancellations you know of in the comments section below.

Happy New Year!