US Open Monday: Rain Out; Gold Slam Awards

Monday the Gold Slam award recipients were honored at the US Open and other awards were given too.

The players who won all four national championships last year were:

Tina Karwasky, 60 singles and doubles
Mary Ginnard, 60 doubles
Wesley Cash and Mark Vines, 55 doubles
Susan Wright, 55 doubles
Kathy Bennett/Richard Doss, HW 140
Pat Jackson and Rita Price, W 85 Doubles
Brenda Carter, 65 singles

Photos will be posted soon or added to this post.

Margie Cooper received the Service Bowl
Stan Smith received the President’s Award

This was an awards breakfast, starting early…I was there at 6:45 am! But it finished about 9am and I was out at the matches early for a change. I was headed out to the juniors for a change. Taylor Fritz who lives in the same town as I do in SoCal was playing the juniors for the first time. I know his mom Kathy…she’s beaten me up enough on the tennis court…and wanted to see him play. He was playing the # 1 seed, from Germany. Taylor was right in there with the German, down 63 54 deuce, when it started raining…a few drops then shortly after a huge deluge! Play was suspended…I tried going to the volunteer lounge under Armstrong (bad idea…it was too full to let people in)…then it took a while to get out, as no one wanted to leave the corridors and get wet. I had an umbrella and other than my shoes stayed mostly dry and went back to Manhattan.

I watched the first two sets of Federer in the evening with friends…hmmm…it can only get better!

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