US Open Sunday

Sunday I was in the President’s Suite with the SoCal Section. It’s always a treat to go there, the vantage point is fantastic and the suite is full of tennis people, and of course the lunch or dinner is great.

I arrived late as our Adult/Senior Comp meeting ran late (and was full of change…not all good for those who like to play on Cups!). The women’s match was good apparently, but I missed it. I headed for lunch first (fish was great, and so was the peppermint ice cream and I had a chance to catch up with Pam Austin too). I was there for Murray and Florian Mayer. The first set was close but then Murray stepped it up and started demolishing Mayer’s second serve and overpowering him. Next up was Sloane Stevens and Serena and as you have probably read, the first set was good, and nearly an hour. Sloane hung with the champ early and it felt a little like the start of the Lisiki match at Wimbledon. Serena seemed a bit tight and edgy but her court coverage…Sloane’s too…was amazing. Serena was more consistent…in the end consistency and experience won.

After the matches ended I then went to the night matches, also at the President’s suite and they were wipe outs. Djokovic was surgical in beating Sousa and then Li Na destroyed Jankovic, in a match I expected to be closer. Li Na/Serena will be a good semi I think.





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