USA Goes 6/0 on Tuesday in Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

All the USA teams won today 3/0 to advance to the knockout portion of the draw.

We beat Spain. I played #2 singles and won 64 61 against Patricia Armet, a Spaniard who lives in Argentina. Mid match my toenail decided to come off (I hurt it in May) and I had to have the trainer come out and cut it off after the first set, but now it’s fine. Patricia was really fast and consistent…I went to net a lot! Diane won quickly 60 61 at #2 against Carmen Chillida and Susan and Robin won the doubles vs Carmen Lang and Heide Deda Kolata 63 60 (they were up 32 when Diane came out to coach them and they didn’t lose a game after that.)

We play Argentina tomorrow. They edged Germany 2/1. Germany won the #2 singles and I watched some of the #1 singles at the beginning where the Germany #1 was cruising, winning the first set 60. The match became more physical in the second and the rallies were long as both players are counterpunchers. The Argentinian #1, Marcelo wore out her German opponent, winning the third set 61. Argentina has a very strong doubles team and won the deciding match to advance to the quarters. Germany now plays for 6th.

I saw the men’s 55 playing Ireland. They were winning pretty convincingly…Bill Moss is below belting a forehand.

Here are a few photos of the women’s 55 team. I ran into Vicki Buholz and gave her a quick lesson on air drop and google photos and got some photos dropped back to me in exchange. USA beat Brazil today in women’s 55.

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  1. Congratulations! U R brave to Keep playing after losing a toe nail! 👍🙏😄💜❤️

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