USA Sends Nine Teams Into the Medal Rounds

USA finished off incompleted matches from yesterday in eight cups, the men’s 60, 65, 75 & 80 (men’s 70 won yesterday) and women’s 60, 65, 70, 75 & 80.

The women’s 80s, the Doris Hart Cup, for the USA lost to Gr. Britain. They actually didn’t know they had to play till only an hour or so before their match, as this match originally was scheduled for Saturday. Unfortunately, Nancy Stout was not able to play because she had a bad fall while touring in Antalya yesterday, however, she ended up only with cuts and bruises, no broken bones.

The USA will be in action tomorrow in the semis or in a three team round robin which are medal rounds for the Cups.

Today the weather is fantastic, a blue California sky!

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  1. Avatar Rita Price
    Rita Price says:

    Love your commenttary and wish all teams good luck! You go girls and guys! Rita