Wedneday Morning Update: USA Young Cup Team Wins

The bright spot of the day was the decisive win by the #4 seeded USA Young Cup team over #5 Canada today behind the singles play of Simona Bruetting and Debbie Spence-Nasim. The other teams weren’t as fortunate. 

The Margaret Court Cup team lost to #4 Germany, with Julie Cass going down in a tough three setter on the slow clay at Ali Bey.

The Lenglen Cup team is down a match to Germany with Amanda Parson-Siegel losing the #2 singles point; Meredith Walton is playing number one today. 

The Italia Cup lost to #3 seeded Gr. Britain, dropping both singles  points behind the play of Ross Duncan at #2 and Marcio Pepe at the top spot.

The Trabert Cup has the day off; they finished 2nd in their group, having lost Monday and won on Tuesday. 

The Dubler Cup team is down a match to #2 seeded Great Britain, with Curtis Dunn falling in a tough 2-setter at #2 singles and Kamil Kuchta playing at the top spot. 

Knockout play to determine the Cup and the final finish of all teams begins tomorrow. 

I will have a later post today with final results.  Follow results at

USA Young Cup Team is below. 


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