Young Seniors Miami: Opening Ceremonies & Draws

The ITF Young Seniors World Championships (tennis) takes place in Miami Beach, Florida from Sunday October 21 to Friday October 26 at Flamingo Park and at the Miami Beach Tennis Academy at North Park.

107 teams from over 30 countries will compete in the 35, 40 and 45 men’s and women’s divisions to win the senior Fed and Davis Cup. In fact, the format used for these competitions is the same as the new Davis Cup format (other than the numbers of teams, which varies by Cup). The USA sent teams to compete in the Men’s 35 (Italia), 40 (Tony Trabert), 45 (Dubler) and Women’s 35 (Suzanne Lenglen), 40 (Young) and 45 (Margaret Court) competitions.

It’s VERY hot in Miami Beach. I went down for the day and it was nearly 90 with humidity to match. The winners of the divisions will have to be fit! In each division teams are drawn into round robin groups of three or four. The winners of each group then goes into a knockout round to determine the champion. The format of each tie is two singles, played consecutively (#2 singles, then #1 singles), followed by doubles. All matches in the round robin competition are two out of three tiebreak sets. Matches start early, but some cups are played starting at 8:30 am; others start after 1pm. There are lighted courts at both facilities.

Lucky in Love is a title sponsor for this event. Bethanie Mattel-Sands, who is sponsored by Lucky in Love, was on hand all day, first to take part in an exhibition with wheelchair players and then to watch the opening ceremonies.

Here are screenshots of the various round robin groups…I’ll add links to the draws once available.

Women’s 40

Women’s 35

Men’s 40

Women’s 45

Men’s 35

Men’s 45, Dubler cup

Here are photos of teams and action photos of most of the teams.

Men’s and Women’s 35, 40, 45 (35s at top, 40s in the middle, 45s at the bottom)

Men’s 40s, Tony Trabert Cup Team

Men’s 35s, Italia Cup Team

Women’s 45s, Margaret Court Cup

Women’s 35s, Suzanne Lenglen Cup

Women’s 40, Young Cup

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