A Walk Through the Past & Tennis

Toronto, Canada

I am in Toronto visiting a friend, Erin Boynton and practicing for the ITF 1000 seniors tournament next week. Erin and I met a friend of hers and had a long walk through the local cemetery (after watching the all too short French Open Women’s final…what a player Iga is!). The cemetery is filled with gorgeous trees, lots of Japanese maples and maples in general and has beautiful walking paths.

After our walk and lunch we headed to the courts for practice. The weather has been nice…cool and breezy but sunny. The courts have been pretty dry but being from California, I am used to dry clay courts! We hit some singles, and joined Erin’s league team’s doubles practice for a while.

Yesterday we also played tennis then met Erin’s daughter and boyfriend for dinner. Hannah had just finished articling for her law firm so it was a celebratory dinner. Toronto really does have a plethora of good restaurants and the one we ate at was excellent.

More tennis tomorrow after watching at least part of the men’s final and then dinner with Erin’s family…off Monday to Mont Tremblant outside Montreal.

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  1. Hi Carolyn; Did you play at the Toronto Lawn Tennis Club? I remember playing there in 1967 a mere 55 years ago in the juniors!
    Have fun, Steve Cornell

  2. Hi Carolyn. It’s Elisabeth Young. I actually skated at the Toronto cricket club way back in the day (lived in Toronto too for a couple of years!) it is a wonderful city. Please tell Erin I said hello. Looking forward to your return to Florida. !

    • I am not there any more but will do so when I see her. Not going to be in Florida anytime soon though!

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