I flew to Toronto yesterday. The checkin in San Diego for me was quick and smooth, though the people in front of me seemed to have issues. One must be vaccinated to enter Canada ( with some exceptions) and fill out a fly Canada form, which generates a qr code. Once on board the plane was new and the fight was smooth. i watched ”King Richard” which was very good, about Venus and Serena ( though the first pro tournament Venus played was indoors in Oakland).

Exiting the plane and clearing customs was time consuming. The flight landed about 20 minutes late, then everyone whose final destination was Toronto had to stay on the plane for a while.The reason became clear as we exited…Customs was swamped! It too overall more than 90 minutes from the time we landed till Iexited the airport. There are machines in customs which read passports, take photos and generate a piece of paper…similar to global entry in the US, there just were not enough of them.

I am here visiting Erin Boynton before going to Mont Tremblant outside Montreal for a tournament.

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  1. Welcome to Toronto Carolyn. Thank you for bringing the lovely weather.

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