Barker Wins 60 Singles in Thrilling Final; Dickenson Wins 80s; Palm Beach Gardens Level 2 Wrap

Draws and Results are here.

Diane Barker won the 60s singles over Erin Boynton of Canada yesterday, winning 63 76 (3). What the score does not show though is that Barker led 4-1 in the second set before Boynton rallied with some great serves, returns and solid baseline play to lead 65, at which point Barker raised her game further to play a flawless game at 56 and a super tiebreak, scrambling to place lobs on the line (and that’s not easy when your opponent is 6 feet tall) and hit precise passing shots.

I lost to Fran Chandler 61 64 in a two hour match…Fran finished the match from 5-4 ad out with two lasers an inch from the line (one to the deuce side, one to the ad) and a perfect drop shot…too good. Susan Boyer placed 5th.

In the 80s, which was a five person round robin, the final match was a good one, between Frances Dickenson and Canada’s Inge Weber..Weber took the first set but Dickenson finished strongly, winning the third set 61, and the title.


  • 30 Singles: Kristen Bleakley
  • 30 Doubles: Bleakley/Vikki Dudley
  • 40 Singles: Bryn Auld
  • 40 Doubles: Tisha Kilburn/Eva Koksalova
  • 50 Singles: Kilburn
  • 50 Doubles: Dudley/Renee Broxson
  • 60 Singles: Diane Barker
  • 60 Doubles: Carolyn Nichols/Susan Wright
  • 70 Singles: Judy Dixon
  • 70 Doubles: Lil Peltz-Petow/Jan Kirkland
  • 80 Singles: Frances Dickenson
  • 80 Doubles: Roberta Dimond/Betsey Cheesman

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