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  • USTA Women’s 40-80 Clay & 35-85 Hard Court Nationals Cancelled for 2020

    Andi Polisky, the tournament director of the 35-85 Women’s Hard Courts scheduled for October in Rancho Mirage, CA has cancelled this event.

    Trish Faulkner, the tournament director for the Women’s 40-80 Clay Courts scheduled for October in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, has cancelled this event.

    Both tournament directors expect their events to resume in 2021.

    Both tournaments were ITF Grade A events, all of which have been cancelled for 2020 (unless granted a downgrade to a Grade 2, 3, or 4).

    Update: All USTA Category I Family, Age Division and Open tournaments have been cancelled for 2020. Tournaments have the option to hold these events as Designated Sectional tournaments with Category II points.

  • Palm Beach Gardens Grandes Dames ITF Grade 1/USTA Super Cat II Saturday, Day 5

    Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

    Jenny Klitch went three for three in Palm Beach Gardens, winning the 50 singles & doubles (with Lisa Bonder-Kerkorian) on Friday and adding the 40 doubles title (with Andi Pliski) on Saturday, beating the impending rain. The 40s final was a three-setter with the Palm Beach Gardens Tennis Center pro Tara Pressley and Julie Axlerod giving the defending champions a strong challenge, taking the second set 62 before Klitch/Pliski won the third 62. There were a lot of spectators cheering despite the overcast skies.

    Susanne Clark, unseeded, won the 80 singles without dropping a set, beating her doubles partner, Grace Woo in the final. Clark/Woo finished second in doubles, beating the #2 seeds, Carol Wood/Burnett Herrick in two tight sets. The top seeds, Inge Weber/Dorothy Wasser, won the 80 doubles title, winning all three matches in straight sets.

    Kathy Zanon/Ann Jacobs were tied at 2-2 in the third with top seeds Abbi Neuthaler/Kim Jones when the rain stopped the match under the Friday night lights. When they returned Saturday Jacobs/Zanon won the third set 63 and advanced to the final against #2 seeds Aimee Norris/Anne Frautschi. Frautschi/Norris came out of the gates strong, winning the first set 63, but Jacobs/Zanon played a nearly perfect final two sets winning 62 in the third to claim the 60 doubles title. Jones/Neuthaler finished third.

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    Click here to see draws.

  • Palm Beach Gardens Super Cat II/ITF Grade I: Bonder-Kerkorian, Klitch, Nichols & Dixon Win Singles Crowns on Friday Day 4

    Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

    Friday was a long and busy day at the Palm Beach Gardens Tennis Center. Matches started early and were only halted after 7pm by a downpour.


    Lisa Bonder-Kerkorian started off the singles with a win in the 40 singles over Kristine Kraujina 61 62.

    Erin Boynton and I started at the same time; Bonder-Kerkorian finished their match about the same time we finished the first set! It was a very close match, with a lot of momentum changes. I won 64 63, but the finish was in doubt till the last point finished. Wendy McColskey beat Terri Thomson 61 64 to finish third.

    Jenny Klitch played after her doubles partner Bonder-Kerkorian on the same court and we just managed to finish before Klitch beat Julie Dybenthal 60 61. However Dybenthal was happy with her play and said she played much better than she had last time against Klitch. Laurie Capra beat Jill Sickle 61 61 to finish third.

    Judy Dixon edged Toni Novack 76 76 in a repeat of last year’s 70 clay court final. Toni said Judy played great. I watched a bit of that match and Judy moves really well and was able to get to many of Novack’s deadly drop shots. Brenda Carter received a default from Molly Hahn, so finished third.

    In the 80s, Susanne Clark beat Burnett Herrick and Grace Woo edged Carol Wood 76 in the third; the doubles partners face each other in the final today (weather permitting).

    The 30s is a round robin; however Elizabeth Kobak of NY has won the division winning all three of her matches including a 63 63 win over Bonder-Kerkorian.


    The 30s had only two teams but Kristen Charlton/Grace Haggerty got their money’s worth in one match, winning 61 36 76 over Kobak/Jennifer Einhorn.

    The 40s final is today (weather permitting) and pits Klitch/Andi Piski agains Tara Pressley/Julie Axelrod.

    The 50s was won by Klitch/Bonder-Kerkorian over Boynton/Abbi Neuthaler 61 63. Karen Rembert /Alice Stubbs beat Daniella Esswein/Dybenthal in three sets to place third.

    The 60s semis have Aimee Norris/Anne Frautschi against the winner of the rain interrupted match between Neuthaler/Kim Jones and Anne Jacobs/Kathy Zanon which is tied at 22 in the third.

    Carter/Dixon won the 70s over Sue Kimball/Pam Simons (who upset #2 seeds Sue Bramlette/Hahn). Carol Clay/Ellen Goodman won the 3/4 playoff by default.

    Carter/Dixon; Weber/Wood; Simons/Kimball; Ellen Markowitz, Weber/Boynton, Clark/Woo

    Bottom: Trish Faulkner/Boynton/Nichols; Boynton/Bonder-Kerkorian

    Photos can be found here. (I will be adding action photos over the weekend to this album.)

    All tournament results can be found here.

    Palm Beach Gardens USTA Super Cat II/ITF Tournament

    Palm Beach Gardens ITF Grade 1/USTA Super Cat II, Day 2, Wednesday

    Palm Beach Gardens Grade 1/Super Cat II Thursday, Day 3

  • Palm Beach Gardens Grade 1/Super Cat II Thursday, Day 3

    Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

    So in the 80s all the seeds are gone; Inge Weber (CAN) the top seed and reigning world champion fell in her first match to Susanne Clark of NY 63 64. Clark is new to the division, four years younger than Weber and an excellent player who has played on may USA Cup teams, so it wasn’t as big a surprise as it may seem. Carol Wood had her dropshots in full force against #2 seed Dorothy (I don’t like singles) Wasser today (but Dorothy can really move) and edged her in three sets. Wood plays Grace Woo (another age up) and Weber takes on Burnett Herrick (who edged Irma De Marco in two tight sets).

    In contrast to the 80s, the top two seeds have reached the final of the 70s. Toni Novack beat Brenda Carter while Judy Dixon beat Molly Hahn, by identical 62 62 scores.

    Another current world champion, Wendy McColskey, the #2 seed, fell in the 60s. However McColskey is the defending 65 world champion and lost to the top Canadian 60s player Erin Boynton 62 63in a well played match by both players. Boynton, a rangy 6 footer, served great, moved well and didn’t make many errors in victory. I beat #4 seeded Terri Thomson 60 62, so face Boynton tomorrow.

    In the 50s, the top seeds made it to the final; Jenny Klitch (1) beat Laurie Capra of TX 61 60 and Julie Dybenthal (2) beat Jill Sickle 2,3.

    The results for the 40s have the #2 seed Kristine Kraujina advancing to the final while the result for the other semi between top seeded Lisa Bonder-Kerkorkian and TereTennis Stowell (great name for a player) have yet to be posted.

    Doubles results aren’t posted yet but you can find all results listed here.

    Palm Beach Gardens USTA Super Cat II/ITF Tournament

    Palm Beach Gardens ITF Grade 1/USTA Super Cat II, Day 2, Wednesday

  • Palm Beach Gardens ITF Grade 1/USTA Super Cat II, Day 2, Wednesday

    Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

    On another sunny, beautiful, breezy Florida day, there was lots of good tennis at the Palm Beach Gardens Tennis Center.

    I warmed up early and played at 10:30 against Mary Colonna from Michigan, our first meeting in 30 years. I won, and play Terri Thomson, the 4th seed, who ended Grace Hagerty’s run to the quarters 62 64, hitting deep, and mixing in angles and drop shots. Wendy McColskey blanked Suzanne Siegler and Erin Boynton beat Terri Thyssen 64 61.

    There are a lot of Canadians here including Irwin Tobias, Rudy & MJ Pachl (who are USA citizens too) and Erin Boynton. See photos below of Terri Thomson, Erin Boynton & Thomson; Rudy Pachl and Irwin Tobias; Kathy Foulk and Frances O’Sullivan, Thomson, Grace Hagerty

    In the 50s, #3 seed Danielle Esswein fell to Laurie Capra in straight sets. Other winners were Jill Sickle and Julie Dybenthal. The match of the day though was that between Susan Love and top seeded Jenny Klitch. I saw most of the second set; they were playing amazing points and Susan seemed to have to hit a line to win a point. Klitch won 64 62, displaying her great movement and court position while Love whacked her forehand and hit some nice volleys.

    In the 70s, Molly Hahn edged Rosie Fortna and the three remaining seeds advanced, including Brenda Carter who beat Carol Clay 64 64.

    The 40s got started and the top seeds advanced with ease.

    The doubles so far is going according to form in all divisions.

    Tomorrow are the semis in the 50, 60 & 70 singles and quarters in the 40s & 50s. 30 singles round robin singles play begins.

    Hopefully the weather holds; there’s thunder, lightning and rain at 9:15pm!

    Click here to see all results.

  • Palm Beach Gardens USTA Super Cat II/ITF Tournament

    Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

    This week there is a strong tournament going on at the Palm Beach Gardens Tennis Center for women 30-80 (even divisions only). The courts are great, though the new and improved clubhouse is under construction (so facilities are located in temporary trailers). Fortunately the weather is great and there are large tents where the players can relax or eat.

    I’m playing in the 60s, which has a very large (25) and strong field. Wendy McColskey, #1 in the world in W65 held off a determined attack from Aimee Norris, winning in three sets, though you’d never know by watching that she was threatened, she’s very calm. Also in the 60s, only one of the 5-8 seeds (Suzanne Siegler) survived. The others fell as follows: 1: Grace Haggerty of Vero Beach took out Kathy Foulk, 62 62 and followed it up later in the day with a victory over Cori Reese by the same score; 2: Terri Thyssen of TX took out Janet Mosely, in straight sets; 3: Mary Colonna, MI, also beat Tami Bass, VT in a long three setter.

    In the 50s, Jill Sickle of Chicago and Palm Beach Gardens upset #4 seed Andrea Wohlschlaeger. Julie Dybenthal of Tallahassee escaped in three sets against Andrea Hines but won the third set 61.

    The third seed in the women’s 70s, Brenda Winstead of VA had to withdraw with an injury but the remaining three seeds advanced including Brenda Carter of SC who is making a singles comeback after an ACL injury. She faces Carol Clay, Ft Lauderdale who is making her way back after knee and shoulder injuries.

    It’s a wonderful, addictive and often painful sport, tennis.

    The 80s start tomorrow. There are current and former singles and/or doubles world champions in the 80s including Burnett Herrick, Inge Weber, Dorothy Wasser and Carol Wood. Six out of the nine entrants have played on USA or Canadian cup teams!

    Also playing this week in 30 & 40 singles and 50 doubles is Lisa Bonner a former top 10 player.

    I’ll take some photos tomorrow….

    The results can be found here.

  • Todo, Cass, Barker, Novack, & Weber Win Singles Gold at National Clay Courts

    Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

    Mika Todo of Japan won the 40 singles in Palm Beach Gardens on Saturday, beating top-seeded Lizl Kotz in the final in straight sets. However, Kotz won the gold in singles, combining with Tabatha Waddell to win the three team round robin.

    Julie Cass put on a masterful display of attacking tennis to win the 50 singles, beating Jenny Klitch 64 62 in the final. The rallies were fantastic, but Cass controlled enough of them to finish victorious on a windy, warm day. Klitch and Andrea Rice though earned the doubles gold, beating Cass/Vesna McKenna to take the doubles gold. Alissa Finerman/Natalie Herreman won the doubles bronze and Rice beat McKenna for the singles bronze.

    Diane Barker beat me 63 64 to win the 60 singles for the third straight year. It was a pretty good match, but she stayed on track with her aggressive play. Susan Wright beat Kathy Vick 61 61 to win the bronze. Ligia Bottinelli won her first gold ball, combining with Pat Purcell to win the 60 doubles over Susan Wright and me. They stayed aggressive throughout the match, winning 64 76. Kris McDonald/Kathy Zanon won the bronze in three sets, and were the last match finished for the second day in a row.

    Toni Novack used her dropshot and guile well to beat Judy Dixon in a tight two-setter to win her FIRST singles gold ball. They have both been playing great tennis all year. Dixon didn’t go home though without some gold, winning every doubles match, with Vicky McEvoy convincingly. In the final they beat Donna Fales/Betty Wachob. Neither bronze ball match was played in the 70s; Brenda Winstead won the singles bronze by default and Molly Hahn/Sue Kimball took the doubles bronze (both playoffs involved Gwenda Ward, who was injured).

    Inge Weber beat Dori DeVries to take the 80s gold; Dorothy Wasser beat Lola O’Sullivan for the singles bronze. Wasser/Weber won the 80s doubles round robin and Carol Wood/Burnett Herrick were finalists.

    Draws are here.

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    Day 4 blog

    Photos (contributed by Kathy Foulk and others)

  • National Clay Courts Friday: All Day on Court

    Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

    Draws are here.

    Day 1 blog

    Day 2 blog

    Day 3 blog

    Friday, Day 4 at the National Clay Courts at the Palm Beach Gardens Tennis Center was semifinal day and for Susan Wright and I it meant playing from around 11:30 to just shy of 7pm (with a break between singles and doubles of about 90 minutes). Susan and I played a see-saw marathon match for about 3 1/2 hours…two matches came and went on the court next to us and the third match was started before we finished! I ended up winning on a hot, breezy day, 64 36 63, We beat #4 seeded Kris McDonald/Kathy Zanon 63 64 (though it was over two hours…Susan said it was the longest straight set doubles she’d ever played). Susan played great and definitely made more winners than anyone else on the court. We play Pat Purcell/Ligia Bottinelli in the final…they took out the #2 seeds, Betsy Savitt/Ann Jacobs 61 62. In singles I play Diane Barker who beat Kathy Vick 60 62.

    In the 50s, Julie Cass beat Andrea Rice 61 75 and faces Jenny Klitch, who took out Vesna McKenna 61 61. Klitch/Rice beat Jami Patterson/Anna Zimmermann in straight sets and face Cass/McKenna in the final. They were leading Alissa Finerman/Natalie Herreman 32 when Finerman/Herreman had to retire with illness.

    In the 70s Toni Novack stopped Gwenda Ward’s run (though no doubt Ward did a lot of running in the match…after drop shots). Novack won 63 61 and faces #2 seeded Judy Dixon a 60 62 winner over Brenda Winstead. In doubles Betty Wachob/Donna Fales beat Ann Loose/Ward in three sets and play Dixon/Vicky McEvoy in the final…they edged Molly Hahn/Sue Kimball 75 64 in the semis.

    The 80s singles is between Inge Weber (who beat her doubles partner Dorothy Wasser) and Dori DeVries, who beat Lola O’Sullivan in a tough 2-setter 64 75. Wasser/Weber won the doubles round robin.

    In the 40s, Lizl Kotz plays a player from Japan, Mika Todo. There were only three teams in doubles; the de facto final is tomorrow.

    There are also lots of consolation matches, both for players who lost before the quarters and for players who lost in the quarters.

    Draws are here.

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  • National Clay Courts: Drama Free Thursday

    Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

    Draws are here.

    Day 1 blog

    Day 2 blog

    The 40-80 Clay Courts continued at the Palm Beach Gardens Tennis Center Thursday. It was warm, breezy and SUNNY…no clouds at all for the afternoon matches, which made serving a challenge at times.

    In the 60s, the seeds all prevailed. I played Sally Smith from Charleston and won 62 62, but the second set in particular was much closer, just a couple of points and in the last game, just a couple of shots out and in by inches, in my favor. The sun was tough on one side for serving too. Diane Barker, Susan Wright and Kathy Vick all won in straight sets. I play Susan, my doubles partner, tomorrow and Diane plays Kathy.

    There were only consolation doubles matches today in all but the 80s (which is a round robin).

    In the 50s, the top four seeds all advanced to the semis in straight sets; Vesna McKenna will face Jenny Klitch while Julie Cass takes on Andrea Rice.

    Gwenda Ward continued her fine play in the 70s, upsetting another seed, Sue Kimball, in a tightly contested three-setter. She faces Toni Novack who bested Betty Wachob; Wachob commented that Toni played great and had improved her play…and of course, that dropshot… Judy Dixon faces Brenda Winstead in the other semi.

    In the 80s, Dori DeVries blew past Burnett Herrick and Inge Weber also won easily; Lola O’Sullivan won by default over Roz King (leg injury); the match of the day was between Carol Wood and Dorothy Wasser. Carol is from Maryland and Wasser from Palm Beach Gardens…which may have been the difference, because it was hot! Carol won the first set and had a match point or two according to O’Sullivan; once Wasser fended those off, Carol wilted, Wasser didn’t and she won in three sets; she takes on her doubles partner Weber in the semis while DeVries plays O’Sullivan.

    In doubles, Herrick/Wood ousted DeVries/King…

    Draws are here.

    Day 1 blog

    Day 2 blog

  • National Clay Courts Day 2: Never in Doubt

    It was a long day on the courts in Palm Beach Gardens today at the USTA National Clay Courts/ITF Grade A.

    Day 1 Blog

    Draws/results are here:

    I played Carolyn Franca…we knew going in both that Carolyn would win and Carolyn would lose today. I was the victor, rallying from 1-3 in the first to win 63 60. The result first posted online showed Franca winning which resulted in a number texts to one of the other Carolyn’s of “what happened” or “congratulations, great win” till it was sorted out. However, our match was still in the first set when Susan Wright had already finished, even though she played only one more game than us, winning 60 62. The tightest match played in the round of 16 was that between Kim Dean and Bunnie Allare, which went three sets. Allare prevailed. I play Sally Smith tomorrow at 12:30pm EDT.

    Our doubles prompted the second part of the headline…we played Vicky and Mary and were winning comfortably, up 5-2, 15-0, serving when it poured for a short while. We resumed 30 or so minutes later and everything changed. We did serve out the set ok, but that was the last bit of comfort we had till the last game of the match…in between…well we went down 4-1, leveled at 4-4, then lost 64…then it was tight in the third till 3-3, when they pulled ahead 5-3. We won the next game at love, then it was my serve…and we went down 15-40. We had a crazy point and Vicky had a chance to put away an overhead (though it was about her 7th one in the point…she was pooped!). Mary missed her return off my serve which could have been outpaced by a balloon punched over the net…then we won the next nine points, and I hit an overhead to finish off the match. Susan held us in…and an “Alexa” tennis joke loosened it up. We play the semis on Friday afternoon.

    In the 50s there were a couple of upsets of the #5 seeds; Kristen Kepler beat #5 Daniela Esswein, though since Kepler won the indoors last year it wasn’t a huge upset. Sandy Mills upended #5 Andrea Wohlschlager. Mills takes on #4 Vesna McKenna and Kepler faces #1 Julie Cass.

    In the 70s, Gwenda Ward upset #3 Molly Hahn and Barbara Hubbard took out #5 Leslie Pixley.

    Roz King withdrew from the women’s 80s with a leg injury allowing Lola O’Sullivan (who won her first round match) to advance to the semis.

    In 70 doubles, Vicky McEvoy and Judy Dixon survived the decimation of the seeds; Top seeds Liane Bryson/Kathy Bennett fell to Ann Loose/Gwenda Ward (having an awfully good tournament!); Donna Fales/Betty Wachob upset #4 Goodman/Winstead; and Hahn/Kimball edged Hubbard/Watanabe.

    Addendum: Bennett and Bryson retired mid-match vs Loose/Ward; Bennett fell and hurt her right hand/fingers, we wish her a speedy recovery.

    The 80 doubles is a round robin…Dori Devries/King barely avoided an upset, edging Sheila Palmer/Ingrid Rehwinkle 64 in the third.

  • USTA National Women’s Clay Courts: 40/50/60/70/80, DAY 1, Palm Beach Gardens Tennis Center, Florida

    Draws are here

    The women’s 60/70/80 National Clay Courts have a new location for the fourth time in the last five years and hopefully have found a more permanent home in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida! Trish Faulkner is the Tournament Director and Bill McDermott and the staff at the Palm Beach Gardens Tennis Center will be onsite at all times running the desk; Bill also sends out very informative emails.

    In the 60s the match of the day was a first round between Leslie Murveit and Ann Young. It was a high quality, physical match which Ann won 75 64. There were six seeds playing today with only Diane Barker and Susan Wright having byes, and all advanced. I played Hiko Fritz Krakow from Colorado (a terrific veterans’ skier) and won 61 60. It was supposed to rain starting around noon…it’s 2:30 now and so far the tournament has dodged the rain, which is clearly all around us (no sun in sight).

    Both seeds in action in the 50s advanced; the 70s are still playing.

    There are 18 courts here; 2 “stadium” sized courts and 16 others in two lines of 8 courts. All are underground watered courts and are quite good. It does tend to be very windy here though. Today was pretty calm, not too hot due to the cloud cover but very humid.

    The day after the tournament the clubhouse is set to be demolished and rebuilt as a much bigger edifice, 2-stories with more lounge room, better lockers etc.

    All for now…Susan and I play doubles tomorrow afternoon and both play singles in the morning.

    Thanks @shopluckyinlove for the nice tennis outfit!

  • Les Grandes Dames Palm Beach Gardens Cat II/ITF Grade I Finished with a Blast of Air

    Fort Lauderdale, FL

    I’ll start today’s blog by wishing my dad a happy 94th birthday. He’s a tennis player and when I called to wish him a happy birthday he naturally asked how the tournament went….so this is how it went.

    It was WINDY today…the Palm Beach Gardens Tennis Center is a wonderful public facility but doesn’t have a lot of breaks from the wind. It rained for several hours starting around 7am but stopped about 10…and the wind continued.

    I played Diane Barker. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve lost to her over the past 25 or so years and I lost again today but it was a good and long match, 64 76 (3). The first three games of the second set took about 45 minutes! On one point I hit (attempted to hit) a crosscourt forehand and saw the ball change directions 90 degrees in the air and land on the line…and bounce over the side fence! (Diane didn’t win that point). On another, I set up to hit a forehand and I think whiffed when the wind pulled the ball an entirely different direction. Despite these challenges, we had long points and overall the match was of good quality. In the tiebreak Diane tightened up her game and didn’t make an error…too good. (Thanks Brad Sprayberry for the photo below.)

    The 3/4 playoff between Kathy Vick and Wendy McColskey was even longer than ours, and was at 5-5 in the third when we finished. McColskey won 75 57 75. Kathy is definitely getting her court time this week, this was her second singles three-setter and she’s had two three-set doubles matches too.

    Bunny Allare won the 5-8 playoff group with a 63 76 (8) win over Frances O’Sullivan.

    Suzanne Siegler finished 9th.

    In doubles, Ligia Bottinelli and Abi Neuthaler beat Ann Jacobs/Betsy Savitt to claim the title, 76 75. Foulk/Allare beat Vick/Kim Jones to place third.

    And that’s a wrap on the first tournament of the year. The odd divisions will be played in February in Fort Lauderdale and the evens will reconvene in Naples at the end of February.

    Draws and results are here.

    Photos are here.

  • Palm Beach Gardens Friday, Sun & Smashes

    Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

    It was another sunny 70s day in Palm Beach Gardens today, pretty much perfect for tennis.

    I played Kim Dean, whom I’d not played before. She’s originally from California, now from Atlanta and is a tough player. The 62 61 score was not indicative of how many close games and points we had.

    In the 60s, the only upset was Kathy Vick, new to the 60s, edging Bunny Allare in three tough sets. Diane Barker and Wendy McColskey advanced convincingly to the semis where they play each other; I play Kathy.

    The 50s final is set, between top seeded Jenny Klitch, who has yet to lose a game, and Yvette Kruger, the 2nd seed.

    In the 70s, the two top seeds advanced by very different scores. Toni Novack drove and dropped her way to victory against Brenda Winstead 63 63 while Molly Hahn edged her doubles partner in a spirited match 67 64 75.

    In the 80s, Inge Weber beat Lucille Kyvallos, and Dorothy Wasser upset #2 seeded Burnett Herrick in three sets. They face off in singles, then will combine to play the doubles final against Herrick/Carol Wood.

    In 60 doubles, Vick/Kim Jones took out the #2 seeds, Frances O’Sullivan/Dean in three sets. Ann Jacobs/Betsy Savitt upset the #4 seeds, McColskey and her sister Dale McColskey.

    In 50 doubles, top seeded Mariana Hollman/Stacy Williams edged Daniela Esswein/Susie Brown to advance to the final while the unseeded team of Susan Harris/Patricia Randolph advanced to the final from the bottom half.

    Hollman/Williams made it 2 for 2 by advancing to the final in the 40s to face Klitch/Andrea Piski in the final.

    In 70 doubles, Hahn/Kimaball didn’t have any negative hangover from their long singles; they advanced to the doubles final and will face the #2 seeds, Ellen Goodman/Winstead.

    Finals in all but the 60s will take place tomorrow.

    Results are here.

  • Les Grandes Dames Palm Beach Gardens: Super Cat II/ITF Grade 1

    Happy New Year everyone…the first tournament of the year for me anyway is this week in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. (Venus has a place for sale if you are interested).

    2019 marks a renewed cooperation between the ITF and USTA, resulting in ITF Grade 1 status for some of our Super Category 2 tournaments and Grade A status for all USTA National tournaments in the 35-85 age divisions, plus mixed. In return the USTA will not require IPIN holders to have a USTA membership in order to play in ITF sanctioned tournaments held in the USA.

    Click here to see the draws and results.

    As usual, there are a fair number of Canadians here this tournament but not a lot of other foreign players. Below are Irwin Tobias and Adrienne Simmons (who has caused 2 upsets so far).

    The tournament is being held at the Palm Beach Gardens Tennis Center in Palm Beach Gardens, just down the street from BallenIsles. There are 18 lovely clay courts here and the facility will be even better next year after a big clubhouse renovation is started and completed. The women’s 40-80 clay courts will be held her in April.

    I am playing in a very strong 60s division, led by Diane Barker. Wendy McColskey, Bunny Allare and Kathy Vick are also playing along with Kim Dean, Kathy Foulk, Janet Mosley and Frances O’Sullivan to name a few. All eight seeds reached the quarters without drama.

    The 50s lost the 3 and 4 seeds yesterday as Adrienne Simmons (a Georgia based Canadian) beat the #4 seed Daniela Esswein and Alice Stubbs took out #3 seeded Melanie Crampton, both in three sets. Jenny Klitch and Yvette Kruger though the top 2 seeds, cruised into the semis today

    The four seeds in the 70s advanced to the semis today with Molly Hahn to face Sue Kimball and Brenda Winstead to face Toni Novack.

    In the 80s, Canadian Inge Weber the top seed and Burnett Herrick, the second seed, reached the semis.

    In the 50s, Corey Reese and Simmons beat the #2 seeds convincingly to reach the semis.

    Lisa Hoffstein/Sally Zasloff took out #5 seeded Peggy Machoian/Joan Oelschlager in the 60 doubles; the remaining 7 seeds advanced.

    Hahn/Kimball and Ellen Goodman/Winstead the top 70s seeds, advanced to the semis.