Beating the Rain in Palm Beach Gardens

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Jan 16, 2022, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida (Wednesday)

My first match of 2022 was scheduled for today at 10am. Susan Wright and I had warmup scheduled for 8am, so got up early…but it had rained overnight and the courts were wet. So plan B (stay at the house and do warm up exercises). The courts at the Palm Beach Gardens Tennis Center dry quickly though and my 10am match (and Susan’s at 11) were on time. I played Michele Maharaj from the very northeast tip of Florida (near the Georgia border). She is tall (5’11”!) and had a solid game and very nice touch. I won 61 60 though. I take on Erin Boynton from Canada tomorrow which will be a tough match but also should be a fun one. Here’s a photo of Erin from her doubles match yesterday:

Erin Boynton Palm Beach Gardens 2022

Susan played in the 50s against Wendy Sosa and just beat the rain…here’s a photo of Susan trying to outrun the rain on match point! (It poured minutes later though the courts dry really quickly and play resumed only an hour or so later.)

It was fun to run into some players I hadn’t seen for a while, Kim Cashman from the Tampa area, Christen Bartelt from Malibu (playing in the 40s), Peg Machoian and Joan Oelschlager (who confirmed that they had indeed won by the skin of their teeth yesterday), Lois Harris, Chris Grant, Sue & Bob Bramlette and more.

Here is a photo of Lois, Chris and Peg

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  1. Hi Carolyn
    Just wanted you to know that I appreciate your posts so much. Kinda feel like I’m there with you. And that’s a welcome feeling given the freezing cold and lockdown (no tennis) in Toronto. (Lockdown lifts on Monday though, yay.). Good luck!

  2. Carolyn,
    It was nice meeting you last week and I am glad that I can put a face and voice to your informative website and entertaining Twitter posts. Best of luck to you in your next event. I hope you find more tall opponents.

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