European Singles Champion; Auf Wiedersehen Austria

June 14, 2019, Poertschach am Worthersee, Austria

I played and won the 60 singles here over Karien Theeuwes of the Netherlands 61, 60. My dropshots worked well when Karien wasn’t charging the net…she’s a good volleyer. We had some close games and great points. It was a good two weeks here. Next year the tournament will move, perhaps to Velden, and apparently the Regional Championships designation will disappear. Doubles was a different story, Ellen and I lost in a match tiebreak. We lost the first set 64…lost all the 3-3 no ad games….won some in the 2nd set but got a slow start in the match tiebreak. No ad is a very dissatisfying way to play doubles.

Barbora Koutna beat Laura DiVittori in the 55 singles…she is a very strong singles player, great groundstrokes.

In the women’s 80s, Elizabeth Van Bommel edged Nanda Fischer, in a match tiebreak. But they teamed up later to win the doubles.

I saw the end of the match tiebreak too in men’s 80 singles…Herbert Althaus and his partner prevailed even though Althaus is in the 85s now.

Bruce Barrett and his partner Ornstein won the men’s 70 doubles and were pretty happy. Danny Shaw (USA) and Fritz from the Netherlands fell in a match tiebreak in the final of men’s 65s.

Taras Beyko from Canada won the men’s 50s though only seeded 4th.

The 35s player who injured her ankle was back on the grounds today. I spoke with her…her ankle isn’t broken but she did tear a ligament. She said she was upset with herself that she didn’t win the first set (the injury was when she was up 5-3 in the third) because she didn’t start well. She was on crutches but not in a cast.

And that’s a wrap on these two weeks of tennis…I hope to get a bike tomorrow to bike around the lake then take a train to Munich…to be continued.

Oh…only men played on center court today as usual.

Successful Semis in Poertschach

Draws are here.

2 responses to “European Singles Champion; Auf Wiedersehen Austria

  1. You wrote: “No ad is a very dissatisfying way to play doubles.”

    No ad is a very satisfying way to play doubles in the heat and humidity of Florida.

    No Ad Scoring = Shorter games, sets and matches.
    No Ad Scoring = Expediency declaring a winner.
    No Ad Scoring = Gives players much greater opportunity to play many more players over the journey.
    No Ad Scoring = You have up to 40-40 to win by one point.
    No ad accelerates the time to get to the “big” point (ad in, ad out) and increases its importance as it’s now win or lose for both players.
    No Ad Scoring = Ideal for time-limited matches and when conditions are brutal….. (think Florida summers!)

    Regardless, congratulations on winning the 60 Singles!

    Ric M

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