Checket, final day; Steel and Leigh are Double Winners

The final day was very very busy, due to an all day rain on Saturday.
35’s: Trish Riddell beat Robin Keener in the final after both had played their semis earlier in the day. Robin combined with Liz Levinson though to repeat as 35 doubles champions over Mary Dailey, Diane Fishburne in a 3-set final which finished on Super Bowl Sunday around 7pm.
45s: Fishburne had to be tired during the doubles. She started the day with a fairly routine win, 63 75 over Carolyn Nichols in just under 2 hours. However, 2 hours later she faced Fran Chandler, new to the 45s, who had cruised into the final without dropping a game in 3 matches. Fishburne won the first set 63 but at 4-5 in the 2nd set, made 4 errors which sent the match into the 3rd set. Fishburne arrived nearly 2 minutes late after the break and was penalized a game, and Chandler quickly went up 3-0, making no errors and forcing Fishburne to make multiple winners to end a point. Chandler reached match point at 5-3 in the third and Fishburne hit a shot that hit the net and hovered for an instant before falling on Chandler’s side of the net for a winner. Chandler reached match point again a point later, and Fishburne’s forehand just brushed the net, and again went for a winner. At that point Fishburne raised her game, corralled her unforced errors and hit winners to take the set 7-5. It was superb tennis from both players. Nichols took third over Broe.
Chandler recovered quickly and combined with Susan Boyer to demolish Nichols/Karen Ann Broe in the final of the doubles.
In the 55’s, Liz Leigh was the marathon woman, and the big winner. She played 9 sets on Sunday, beating Judy Louie in 3 sets in the semis, and then Susie Peiffer in 3 sets in the final. She combined with Janet Harpold to beat Margie Cooper/Kerry Young in, what else, 3 sets.
In the 65s, the marathon women were Charleen Hillebrand and Suella Steel. They beat Donna Fales and Susanne Clark respectively, in the semis. Then they faced each other in the final, with Suella winning in 3 sets. They also won 2 doubles matches, beating Sheila Weinstock/Donna Fales in the final.
The 75 singles was won by Louise Russ, who rallied from 3-5 down in the third to beat Rosmarie Asch. Angie Ray/Jeannette Weiland won the doubles over Asch/Barbiero.
The 85 singles was won by Dodo over Mildred Southern 62 62.

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