Sunny Warm Day at Crawford Cup; Into the Semis


It was almost hot today, low 80s and humid…great tennis weather for the Crawford Cup.

I played early, at 9am and played Eileen Reynolds, who was my first round opponent at BallenIsles and here last year. I won 60 60 and play Janet Mosely who took four hours to subdue a determined Jane Zenker. Jane was up 52 first set and then Janet won it in a tiebreak; Jane won the 2nd set 64 and Janet was up 52 in the third when Jane rallied, closing the gap to 54 before Janet won the marathon match. Katherine Zanon beat Suzanne Siegler and Kathy Vick was just starting her match when I left (she was scheduled for 9:30 but was suffering from a virus and her time was changed to 12 then to 3:30 when Kathy was feeling better). (Note: Kathy won 61 60, then went to urgent care and got IV and medication.)

Pam Cooke and I played well against Eileen Reynolds and her partner Sherri. They had a marathon of their own the night before, winning 76 57 75, rallying from 51 down in the third to win. We won 60 60, Pam’s a great doubles player!

Birgitte Hostrop and Zanon, winners yesterday against the 3rd seeds, faced Tracy Viebrock/Abbi Neuthaler and the two teams had a barnburner of a match, won by Tracy and Abbi 26 75 75…they had great points all match long. Birgitte has really improved.

Rosie Fornta had another marathon match against Brenda Winstead in the 65s, with Brenda winning the nearly FIVE hour match. (No wonder the tournament was behind schedule!)

Ellen Goodman also had a match that lasted nearly four hours (she was cramping afterwards, but her “granddog” was NOT sympathetic, he was barking at her to go to the dogpark.). She won against Diana Kitt (Brenda Windstead’s doubles partner).

Meanwhile, Grace Woo upset Judith McAllister 61 64 to reach the quarters.

In the 75s, well, it was a 50/50 proposition if you were a seed as to whether you won (disclaimer: I’m the seeding assistant for the 75s). The big upset was Libby Keenan’s win over Ria Graham. Libby normally doesn’t play singles but she’s an excellent player as she proved today. Judith Smith edged Lola O’Sullivan in a long match; Brigid Chick played a good match to upset Caroline Haynes. Barbara Milliken won a three setter against Catherine Kestle. Seeds Inge Weber, Lyn Tietz and Burnett Herrick won convincingly; Carol Wood received a walkover.

In the 85s, Louise Russ beat Joan Brisbin in three sets and Jane Lutz beat her doubles partner, Rita Price. Rita and Jane won the 85 doubles over Russ/Pat WWiedenmann.

In the 75s doubles there were no upsets today, all four seeds reached the semis.

Tomorrow it’s another early day and another warm one.

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