Doris Hackman

This is from Emmy Lou Armstrong, re Doris Hackman. Rita Price asked me to pass it along.

Dear Rita, You may remember meeting me at the Virginia Beach Senior Olympics
about 4 yrs. ago. I just came from visiting Doris and she wanted me to let you
know why she didn’t make it to New Zealand. March 15 she was diagnosed with a
rare form of bone marrow cancer and has been given a few months to live. I just
found out 3 days ago. She is mostly bedridden, cannot walk although she is home
and doesn’t want to go in a nursing home. Her spirits are good and she has her
sense of humor. Doesn’t look too bad. Had her lipstick on. She seems to have 9
lives so may come back from this. Who knows? She is too weak to sit at the
computer and that is why I am writing to you. She did want the "gang" to know
why she hasn’t been around. If you want to send her an email, you can send it to
me and I will take it to her. How are you? Still tap dancing? I’m still playing
tennis, but decided I don’t like to play competitive any more. Therefore,
haven’t done any tournaments. I would have to practice to get tournament tough
again. Bye and good luck in any endeavors you undertake. Emmy Lou Armstrong

(Emmy Lou’s email is

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