ITF PLANS FOR RETURN OF SENIOR TENNIS: No Senior Events Will Take Place Before September 1, 2020

July 22, 2020

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The article reads in part: “No firm dates have yet been set for a return to play on the ITF Seniors Tour or the UNIQLO Wheelchair Tennis Tour, but each tour’s committee has decided that there will be no resumption of play on either tour before the week commencing 31 August 2020. 

In order to support a safe return to international tennis tournaments, the ITF has devised protocols for all tournament hosts and participants that aim to mitigate the risk of exposure to, and spread of, Covid-19. The protocols will be updated on a regular basis as the global situation regarding Covid-19 continues to change. The protocols can be viewed here:  

Return to Tennis – Participants 

Return to Tennis – Tournament Organisers  

Any tournament which goes ahead once the tours resume must also follow government requirements, where those requirements go beyond the ITF protocols

In order to be eligible for addition to the ITF calendar, the following criteria [plus much more] must be met:

“1. Government legislation must permit a tennis event to be held in the host country.

2. The host nation’s borders must be open to international visitors, giving sufficient and reasonable access to that nation to players, as determined by the ITF.

3. Each host organizer must, on application to host a tournament, confirm that it will implement the minimum standards set out in the ‘risk mitigation’ section….”

In addition there must be a Covid officer for the tournament.

There is much more information about the duties of both tournament participants and organizers in the above referenced links.

As knowledge of Covid-19 evolves so will the documents attached to the above referenced links.

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