Klosters, Switzerland: Tennis in the Alps

I’m baaack…in Europe. I traveled pretty much uneventfully from San Diego to Klosters starting at 5:45 Thursday morning: one Lyft, two flights, and three trains later I arrived in Klosters which is about two hours by train from Zurich. It’s a ski area (Princess Diana and Charles used to ski here), and in the summer a hiking/mountain biking/outdoor paradise, particularly this summer which has been warm.

Of course I overpacked, which works ok when going from car to airplane to car, but not so well when your connection at Landquart requires going under and back up not once, but twice (no elevator). But I made the connection anyway, and found a ride for my suitcase to Ulm next week, so going there will be easy.

Klosters is a small town, elevation 1200 meters (about 4000 feet). The sports center has 6 red clay courts and now, new since I was here last, 3 indoor courts, two of which are carpet and one underground which I’ve been told is a hard court.

Yesterday I arrived around noon, got settled, went to the Coop (the grocery store), then took a nice walk along the river that goes past the Sports Center. There seems to be a lot of building going on, but in the main area of the town there have been few changes in the past three years. There’s a cute kids’ playground near the tennis club and a lot of families taking advantage of the equipment and the shade on a warm day.

Today I had a couple of relaxed hits, first with Annelies Simons from Netherlands (and, we discovered later, my probably first round opponent, assuming she wins her first round. I think she will. Then I hit with Norcal Blom, also from the Netherlands, later on. She had to get a root canal done earlier in the day and was very happy with the result (no more pain).

The doubles draw isn’t yet posted, but here’s the 60 singles draw and a link to the draws.

Link to draw and results

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    • It’s actually a strong draw with some good players. But it’s lovely here and not too warm!

  1. Beautifull i have skied here but never tennis ⛷🎾enjoy and good luck 🏆😀Andrew Hall Mayenne France

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