Practice Day & Hunting for Ice

I practiced today again with Nora Blom and Annelies Simons from Netherlands. We had a chance to practice with the Prince balls they use here (not for sale in the US); but the altitude of 4000+ feet has more of an impact on play than the balls I think. We had a nearly two hour practice and it was fun.

The lines here are again different from those in Germany, Spain or France. The German lines were thicker, smoother and didn’t meet at the corners, there was a gap. The Spanish and French lines were painted on the courts.

After practice I was able to get ice from my hotel for my shoulder, but still wanted some ice for my small cooler. I looked all over the Coop and didn’t see any. I finally asked and was told it was by the butcher. I still didn’t see any but asked the butcher and it turns out they sell ice by the kilo (about $2 a pound). Then they wrap it up and seal it. I guess there’s not a lot of demand for ice here.

I relaxed in the afternoon. Tomorrow I’m hitting early with Nora, and will watch my potential opponents play in the afternoon, weather permitting. The weather has been nice but there have been frequent afternoon thunderstorms.

Nora and Annelies are below…note the Dutch flag in the background between them (it wasn’t an accident).

Flowers are at most windows and are beautiful. August 1 was Swiss national day and there are still a number of Swiss flags around town.

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