Klosters Tuesday

Hi again from Klosters. It was so foggy hitting today that I couldn’t see the racquet of the player on the other half of the court…then it started drizzling. My gut strings started to disintegrate, so I stopped after only one hour, but I had been hitting with Janie Birukova and we only needed one ball for our session (except that it got so wet and orange that it was hard to see.)

Heide Orth won today, and Nanda Fischer, who managed to beat Tinelli, rallying from 36 25 to win 11 of the last 12 games, lost the first set today 76 (9) and retired.

Clem Hopp reached the semis of the 80s.

We went to Davos today, walked from Davos Dorf to Davos Platz. It’s a much bigger city than Klosters, but not as picturesque. However it has a lovely lake. We took the red train, and the scenery between Klosters and Davos is fantastic.

One more day of practice tomorrow, then we play on Thursday. The 50s starts tomorrow.

More photos posted.

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