Monday May 4

Hello from Font de sa Cala. I drove here yesterday without incident, much to the surprise of my Bueno Cup teammates who have suffered my driving for a week…maybe I drive better in silence (less multitasking)?

Yesterday after a long practice with Amy Alcini and then Amy and Joanne Russell, Susan and Marianne and I went into Porto Cristo and did some shopping and walked to the water there.

I arrived here just in time for the opening ceremonies and saw some of the American players who had been at other venues all week. I don’t play today but probably play tomorrow against a tough Canadian or Swiss player.

There is internet access here at the hotel, mostly in the mornings, in the evenings, it’s so crowded that the internet becomes too slow.

Today I hit very early with Fran Chandler and then with Vesna McKenna…now a little site seeing seems to be in order.

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