Mont Tremblant, Canada, ITF Regional

Tuesday was a travel day, Toronto to Montreal by air then Montreal to Mont Tremblant by car. I landed midday so the traffic wasn’t bad leaving Montreal. Mont Tremblant is a ski area bout 90 minutes from the Montreal airport. It’s a very pretty, green, wooded area situated on a long, narrow lake. The weather was supposed to be very rainy, but I missed most of the rain and it was somewhat sunny and nice most of the way, but cool.

I had arranged a hit with an American from Florida, Mirek Wierzbicki, and though the courts at the tournament site were pretty much underwater all day, the courts a few miles away were fine and we got in an excellent hour of hitting, and also warmed up this morning.

I played my first tournament singles match since last July, against Marie-Claude Gendron from Montreal. She was playing her first ITF tournament but is a very good athlete and fast. I did win though and play a second round robin match tomorrow. Mirek won too but has a tough one tomorrow.

There are a fair amount of American men here and world #1 in the men’s 60s, Glen Busby from Australia is here along with Americans Tony Crabel, Jimmy Parker and Nick Ourusoff and others.

It’s very pretty here and the town is touristy but cute. I’m about a 15 minute walk from the courts along a nice walking path. The club is right on Lake Tremblant and has red and green clay courts. I’m playing on the green clay but the men’s 60s are being held on the red.

The draws are here.

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