Toronto…the Beaches

Monday was my last day in Toronto. And it was a blast…literally, the wind was blowing about 25 miles an hour or more all day. It was tough sledding on the court but Erin and I persevered (Erin much better than I). It’s tough playing tennis after a long break…the mind remembers your best tennis level and when it’s not replicated, well, it’s frustrating, but it’s a process.

After dinner, both Erin and her daughter Hannah had a league match down by “The Beaches”, and area of Lake Ontario which has sand rather than rocks and a lot of activity…besides a tennis club, there was a huge beach volleyball area, a marina and miles of verdant walking paths. I could see the City from one vantage point.

Tuesday morning I left Toronto for Montreal from the Toronto City airport. It’s pretty cool, right downtown on an island. To reach the airport from the city, I walked through a long tunnel under the water to the terminal. Once there it was easy to check my bags and reach the gates, where there were free drinks and snacks for the passengers.

Next up: the ITF tournament in Mont Tremblant…

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