Switzerland is Beautiful

Today started with an early hit with Nora Blom and then another 20 minutes with Haim Ohn who plays in the men’s 60s. Both are lefties. After hitting, icing and breakfast I took the tram up the mountain…two actually Gotschnagrat at 2285 meters where it was 11 degrees Celsius or about 60 degrees. The sun was in and out and the air was refreshing up there.

I wasn’t going on a long hike, but did want to walk towards the Parsennmuette, which would give me some nice views…well fantastic views.

As soon as I exited the tram building I could heard the cow bells. There were small herds of cattle near the Gotschnagrat and by the Parsennmuette and a few along the way. This animal got stuck on the trail by one of the wires put up to the keep the cattle from wandering and it was upset and bawling.

There were hikers and some mountain bikers on the trails. Most people give the common Swiss German greeting of “Grüezi” (sounds like Gritzy to me) as they pass.

It was just beautiful up there, and though the trams up were full, it is a huge area and didn’t feel crowded. I stayed up there for a couple of hours, and took the tram back down when I heard thunder rumbling.

I went back to the club to watch my potential opponents, Annelies Simons and Swiss Barbara Von Oppersdorff. Annelies was down 52 when I came up but won the set 76. I left then, and later saw Annelies retired up 76 26 54. So I play Von Oppersdorff who is tall with a big serve.

I went back to the hotel until the TD called me at 5:50 to let me know that doubles (the draw closed at 2pm) was starting not before 6…really around 7pm! That was a surprise since there were no doubles draws up when I left and it was after 2pm. So I got ready to play and as I walked back to the club it was sprinkling and I heard thunder. In the end play was rained out for the day. I play singles tomorrow not before 2pm (5th match with a 9am start) and doubles not before 6pm.

The hotel WiFi is slow so I walked away while the photos were loading…and just walked back now.

Draws are here.

Photos are here.

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