Successful Start in Palm Beach Gardens

Draws are here.

Today was off to a bit of a soggy start since it rained overnight in Palm Beach Gardens. Fortunately, the courts at Palm Beach Gardens Tennis Center drain quickly and the staff quickly rolled out the “Dolphin” clay court water remover to..well…remove the puddles from the court.

I hit a bit against the backboard and a bit with Susan before my 9:30 match, which I won against Nancy from Boynton Beach, a very nice lefty. I play Susan Boyer tomorrow which will be a good challenge for both of us.

In the afternoon we played doubles against Stephani Lomax and Sherril Colombo…though we won 61 61 on a very breezy afternoon, the match was closer than that…we won a lot of deuce games and our points were interesting.

The women’s 80 doubles champions for 2023 have been crowned. Congratulations to Betsey Cheeseman & Roberta Dimond (right two players), champions and to Vera Koenig & Denika Vandeburgt, finalists.

In other play, most of the seeds advanced as scheduled, though Lil Peltz-Petow took out #4 seeded Gwenda Ward 2, 3 in the W 60s quarters; the singles seeds advanced as seeded the 50s and 60s.

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