ITF 700/USTA Level 2, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Draws are here.

The 2023 Women’s Level 2/ITF 700 began today on the beautiful clay courts at the Palm Beach Gardens Tennis Center in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida (north of West Palm Beach…about a 20 minute drive).

The weather was breezy and overcast, quite pleasant for tennis with temps in the mid-70s. The events on offer are the 30-80 singles/doubles, even divisions only, women’s events only (the men have their own tournaments on Florida’s West Coast, Naples and St. Petersburg).

Susan Wright and I are playing doubles here, Susan is playing 50 singles too and I am playing 60 singles.

Susan and I practiced in the morning (this critter had a birds-eye view of our court…or would have if it wasn’t eyeing the action on the pond instead), and after lunch went to the Tennis Center to scout our first round doubles opponents. Susan walked in and immediately was surrounded by about 10 players from the Orlando area whom she knew from her league team.

We scouted the match and caught up with some friends. One of the members of the team we play tomorrow is someone I used to practice with a lot but we hadn’t seen each other for about a decade it seemed…we caught up and it’s going to be a fun match tomorrow.

Tomorrow I play at 9:30, Susan plays at 10 and we play doubles at 2:30. And that’s a wrap on Day 2, 2023.

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