Sunday March 19th Results from Turkey, ITF World Team Championships

USA Women’s 40s, Young Cup, beat So Africa 3/0. Anda Perianu won at #1 singles; Mariko Fritz-Krockow won at #2 singles and Isabella Iantosca/Yulia Bolotova won the doubles point. Matches are played #2 singles/#1 singles/doubles.

Men’s 30s: Chile beat USA 2/1, winning both singles before dropping the doubles point. Alan Regala & Jevin West played singles; Regala/Josh Basha played doubles.

Women’s 30s: Bye

Men’s 35: USA lost to Canada 2/0 (Alex Wong played #2 singles & Raul Obregon played #1). Canada’s #1, Henry Choi, won the USTA Men’s 40 hard courts in December.

Men’s 40s: playing Ireland, won 3/0. Darrin Cohen & Ryan Sablan played singles; Cohen/Ryan Pang played doubles.

Women’s 45: USA leads Portugal 1/0 (Patricia Zerdan won at #2 singles); update, USA won 2/1; Amanda Parson Siegel lost at #1, Brandi Bratek/Heather Waters won the doubles point.

Men’s 45: USA leads India 2/0. Ross Duncan won at #2 and Marvin Colley won at #1 singles. Doubles to follow. Update: USA won 3/0 with Wotjek Bratek/Guillermo Cosson winning the doubles point. It was a good day for the Bratek family on court!

Women’s 50: USA is playing Latvia and is down 1/0 Christen Bartlett lost at #2 singles in 3 sets. Update: USA lost 3/0 to Latvia; Jenny Klitch lost in 3 sets at #1 singles and Bartelt/Tracie Currie lost the doubles in a match tiebreak 10-8…so close in each match.

USA Winning Court Cup Team with Katrina Adams (Zerdan, Adams, Bratek, Waters, Parson)

Men’s 50: USA: USA is down 1/0 to Austria (Dana Gill lost at #2). Update: USA squeaked out a 2/1 win. Oren Motevassel was the MVP; he won at #1 in 3 sets (dropping the first set) and teamed with Neel Grover (note correction) to win the deciding doubles 12-10 in a match tiebreak. Men’s 50s photos below courtesy of Neel Grover.

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