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  • Palm Beach Gardens ITF Grade 1/USTA Super Cat II, Day 2, Wednesday

    Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

    On another sunny, beautiful, breezy Florida day, there was lots of good tennis at the Palm Beach Gardens Tennis Center.

    I warmed up early and played at 10:30 against Mary Colonna from Michigan, our first meeting in 30 years. I won, and play Terri Thomson, the 4th seed, who ended Grace Hagerty’s run to the quarters 62 64, hitting deep, and mixing in angles and drop shots. Wendy McColskey blanked Suzanne Siegler and Erin Boynton beat Terri Thyssen 64 61.

    There are a lot of Canadians here including Irwin Tobias, Rudy & MJ Pachl (who are USA citizens too) and Erin Boynton. See photos below of Terri Thomson, Erin Boynton & Thomson; Rudy Pachl and Irwin Tobias; Kathy Foulk and Frances O’Sullivan, Thomson, Grace Hagerty

    In the 50s, #3 seed Danielle Esswein fell to Laurie Capra in straight sets. Other winners were Jill Sickle and Julie Dybenthal. The match of the day though was that between Susan Love and top seeded Jenny Klitch. I saw most of the second set; they were playing amazing points and Susan seemed to have to hit a line to win a point. Klitch won 64 62, displaying her great movement and court position while Love whacked her forehand and hit some nice volleys.

    In the 70s, Molly Hahn edged Rosie Fortna and the three remaining seeds advanced, including Brenda Carter who beat Carol Clay 64 64.

    The 40s got started and the top seeds advanced with ease.

    The doubles so far is going according to form in all divisions.

    Tomorrow are the semis in the 50, 60 & 70 singles and quarters in the 40s & 50s. 30 singles round robin singles play begins.

    Hopefully the weather holds; there’s thunder, lightning and rain at 9:15pm!

    Click here to see all results.

  • 2020 Women’s Category II Schedule (Partial, Tentative)

    The USTA will publish the 2020 Cat II Schedule here. Or check on tennislink.usta.com.

    The table below has a list of Cat II tournaments; only the ones which have links to tennislink sites are confirmed. Please check back for updates. Any event which has no link is TENTATIVE as to dates, location etc.

    Dates (tentative unless there is a link to the website)LocationSurfaceCategory II or Super Category IIITF Grade
    Jan 28-Feb 1Palm Beach Gardens Tennis CenterPalm Beach Gardens, FLClaySuper Cat IIGrade 1
    January 18-26Wilson World Tennis Classic
    HardSuper Cat IIGrade 1
    February 5-9Lamita Jabour Grandes Dames, Lauderdale Tennis Club, Fort Lauderdale, FLClaySuper Cat IIGrade 1
    February 18-22Joanne Russell Cup, Sanchez-Casal Academy, Naples, FLClaySuper Cat IIGrade 1
    PostponedBermuda Cat II, Coral Beach & Tennis Club, Warwick, MBClaySuper Category IIGrade 1
    CancelledBerkeley Tennis Club
    Berkeley, CA
    HardCategory IIGrade 1
    TBA (Postponed or Cancelled)Westwood Sr Championships Austin, TX Hard (60 and under); Clay (65 and over)Super Cat IIGrade 1
    TBA Lynchburg City Open
    Oakwood Country Club
    Lynchburg, VA
    ClayCategory II
    TBAMarin Seniors, Mill Valley Tennis Club, Mill Valley, CAHardSuper Category IIGrade 1
    TBASenior Slam, Guilford, CTHardSuper Category II Grade 1
    July 7-12Aston Park TC
    Asheville, NC
    ClayCategory II
    July 16-19Oregon State Champs, Tualatin Hills Tennis Center, Beaverton, ORHardCategory II
    July 27-August 2Washington State O & Srs
    Seattle TC, Seattle, WA
    HardSuper Cat IIGrade 1
    August 18-23El Paso Tennis Club
    El Paso, TX
    HardSuper Cat IIGrade 1
    October 14-18Cooper Cup
    Lauderdale Tennis Club
    Fort Lauderdale, FL
    ClayCategory II
    October 22-25Texas Super Seniors
    McFarlin Tennis Center
    San Antonio, TX
    HardCategory II
    November 2-8 Top Gun Tennis Chmpshps Orange County CAHardCategory II
    November 2-6Las Vegas Senior Open, Darling TC, Las Vegas, NVHardCategory II
    December 9-13 Phoenix Fiesta Senior
    Scottsdale, AZ
    HardCategory II

  • Les Grandes Dames Palm Beach Gardens Cat II/ITF Grade I Finished with a Blast of Air

    Fort Lauderdale, FL

    I’ll start today’s blog by wishing my dad a happy 94th birthday. He’s a tennis player and when I called to wish him a happy birthday he naturally asked how the tournament went….so this is how it went.

    It was WINDY today…the Palm Beach Gardens Tennis Center is a wonderful public facility but doesn’t have a lot of breaks from the wind. It rained for several hours starting around 7am but stopped about 10…and the wind continued.

    I played Diane Barker. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve lost to her over the past 25 or so years and I lost again today but it was a good and long match, 64 76 (3). The first three games of the second set took about 45 minutes! On one point I hit (attempted to hit) a crosscourt forehand and saw the ball change directions 90 degrees in the air and land on the line…and bounce over the side fence! (Diane didn’t win that point). On another, I set up to hit a forehand and I think whiffed when the wind pulled the ball an entirely different direction. Despite these challenges, we had long points and overall the match was of good quality. In the tiebreak Diane tightened up her game and didn’t make an error…too good. (Thanks Brad Sprayberry for the photo below.)

    The 3/4 playoff between Kathy Vick and Wendy McColskey was even longer than ours, and was at 5-5 in the third when we finished. McColskey won 75 57 75. Kathy is definitely getting her court time this week, this was her second singles three-setter and she’s had two three-set doubles matches too.

    Bunny Allare won the 5-8 playoff group with a 63 76 (8) win over Frances O’Sullivan.

    Suzanne Siegler finished 9th.

    In doubles, Ligia Bottinelli and Abi Neuthaler beat Ann Jacobs/Betsy Savitt to claim the title, 76 75. Foulk/Allare beat Vick/Kim Jones to place third.

    And that’s a wrap on the first tournament of the year. The odd divisions will be played in February in Fort Lauderdale and the evens will reconvene in Naples at the end of February.

    Draws and results are here.

    Photos are here.

  • Currie/Crow;Harris/Kearney; Bennett/Parker; Stewart/Willauer; DeVries/Jones Win First Gold Balls in 2018

    The first gold ball (Category I USTA Championship) of 2018 is held in Rancho Mirage, California, in conjunction with the Super Category II USTA tournament held there (this year sponsored by Wilson).

    In addition to the 50, 60 and 70 divisions held the past few years, the 75 and 80 divisions moved to Mission Hills from Las Vegas (and got stronger and larger draws as a result). In senior tennis, location counts for a lot!

    The 60s was a draw of 15 teams and was very competitive. Robin Harris/Kevin Kearney won the title in a hard fought battle over Mike Tammen/Susan Wright. I watched some of their first round matches, since Robin and Kevin played my sister and cousin first round. Mike and Susan were playing at the same time Susan did not back down from taking volleys from Mike! However, their first rounds went well. My sister, Eileen Christin and cousin Don Beer rebounded to reach the consolation final where they fell in three tough sets. Una Davis/Randy Berg won the bronze over Jennifer Shorr/Kurt Chan in three sets.


    In the 70s, Kathy Bennett and Jimmy Parker were only pressed once, in the semis by Tad Yukawa/Andi Polisky, who let a second set lead go, falling 62 75. They beat Brent Abel/Cathie Anderson in the final. Liane Bryson/Marc Stewart won the bronze in three sets over Tad and Andi.

    The unseeded but not unknown team of Diane Willauer/Michael Stewart won the 75s, trouncing the top seeds, Chuck White/Suella Steel in the first round and then edging the #2 seeds of Jane Pang/John Popplewell 76 in the third to win the gold. Dean Corley/Katie Koontz won the bronze in three sets over Steel/White.

    Dori DeVries/Wilbur Jones won the 80 mixed round robin. DeVries’ doubles partner, Roz King, paired up the team that ended up beating her and Saul Snyder! King and Snyder did win the silver though and James Berry/Norma Veal won the bronze. Saul Snyder is shown below (he’s 85 by the way!).

    The 50s is going on now and finishes on Sunday…I’ll add a note to this post at the conclusion of the event to note the winner of that event. The35 &  40 mixed are not a gold ball events.

    Tracie Currie/Patrick Crow won the 50 mixed.

    Draws are here. 

    Photos are here.

  • Ronan, Works, Barker, Clay, & Weber Win Singles Titles on a Warm & Windy Sunday at BallenIsles

    Canadians won two singles titles Sunday at the USTA Super Category II Tournament in Florida, at opposite ends of the age scale. Sophie Ronan won the five person round robin, which cumulated in a victory over her childhood friend and rival Paula Myslivecek yesterday. It was a hard fought 62 63 battle played in 25 mph winds and 88 degree temperatures!  Inge Weber, the reigning world champion in the 80s, trounced the field, beating Carol Wood in the final 64 62.

    Shelly Works ground down Terri Gaskell in the 50s final. For the second time, Gaskill had to retire against the relentlessly fit and consistent Works, though this time she nearly finished off Works before heat exhaustion set in. Gaskill rallied from 3-5 down in the first set to take it 75, then went up 53 in the 2nd before Works rallied to take it 75. On the changeover, Works could be seen trying to help Gaskill continue (that’s who Shelly Works is, genuinely nice to the core, yet a fierce competitor), but Gaskill had to retire after just one game in the third with dehydration, and cramps. Rene Tharpe placed third with a straight set win over Erin Boynton. Shelly & Erin are shown below


    Shelly & Erin

    Diane Barker beat me 62 60. It was a two hour match, though I didn’t have much to show for it! She ran me all over the court and got more consistent and aggressive as the match went on.  (That running crosscourt forehand…). The 3/4 playoff was a long battle, finally won 67 75 62 by Wendy McColskey over Bunny Allare.  Diane and I are below…Diane apparently is a “Giant” killer!

    starred photos Sunday iphone (1)

    In the 70s, Carol Clay completed a successful comeback from knee surgery with a three set win over top seeded Betty Wachob, 36 64 62. Clay’s ability to hit through the wind was crucial. The 3/4 playoff was another long bruising battle between Sue Kimball and Charleen Hillebrand. Kimball prevailed 75 46 64 in about three hours.

    There were lots of great doubles matches on Sunday too.

    The 40s final featured the Canadians, Myslivecek and Ronan against local favorites Andi Piski (the pro at Mirasol) and Jenny Klitch (Mirasol member) , who had a large and politely enthusiastic group of students and friends watching. It was really windy and the wind was tougher to fight in doubles than in singles. I even saw a complete whiff of an overhead in this match even though the player seemed to be set up to hit it perfectly…a two ounce tennis ball is no match for a 25 mph wind. Klitch/Piski won 61 62, but they had some great points and long games and the crowd was well entertained.

    starred photos Sunday-003starred photos Sunday-010starred photos Sunday-013starred photos Sunday-014starred photos Sunday-050starred photos Sunday-048starred photos Sunday-023

    The 50s final also featured Klitch, playing with Kim Jones (a former top 30 player) against last year’s clay court champions, Mariana Hollman/Works. Jones/Klitch barely escaped the quarters with a win over Boynton/Susan Boyer but got progressively stronger as the tournament went on. In the final Jones found the alleys with volleys and Klitch both with backhand angles and volleys; they won 61 63. Boyer/Boynton won the backdraw to finish fifth.

    starred photos Sunday-037starred photos Sunday-040starred photos Sunday-027starred photos Sunday-029starred photos Sunday-032starred photos Sunday-033starred photos Sunday-044

    Pat Purcell and I edged Abbi Neuthaler/Kathy Foulk 62 36 10-6 (match tiebreak). It was very windy…there was one shot that I was ready to smash…it was 3 feet from the net and as I was swinging a gust moved it several feet and I barely touched it; at other times any one of us would be midswing and the ball would catch a gust and die, or hop over our heads. It was a good match anyway, and we were happy to escape with a win!

    starred photos Sunday iphone (2)starred photos Sunday iphone (4)

    The 70s and 80s finished on Saturday with Hillebrand/Wachob winning the 70s and Wasser/Weber prevailing in the 80s.

    The tournament won’t be held at BallenIsles in 2018, since they will be undergoing a big renovation of their main clubhouse, but will move to the Polo Club in Boca Raton.

    Photos: https://goo.gl/photos/ctyxYzJKrZmd5Rbb8

    All results: BallenIsles Super Cat II Jan 2017

  • Crawford Cup Day 4, Sunny Saturday in the “Sunshine” State

    No rain today at Crawford Cup! I’m sure the staff, tournament director, referee and volunteers were as happy as the players about that weather outcome.

    There were a lot of finals played today and few upsets.

    In the 85s, two-time world champion Jane Lutz beat her doubles partner Rita Price. Rita was her usual ebullient self, happy that she won eight games in defeat. Jane and Rita then won their doubles match in three sets after which I saw them eating their pulled pork sandwich with fries (no vegans allowed).  Rita is already looking forward to the 90s next year. This group of 85s is pretty spunky.

    Donna Fales (check her birth certificate) won the 75s over Burnett Herrick. Inge Weber edged Grace Woo in three sets to place third. Burnett though didn’t go home without a title, teaming with Dorothy Wasser to win a tight two-setter over Kathy Langer and Lyn Tietz. For Langer, who was playing her first tournament after back surgery, the tournament was a success anyway. Lola O’Sullivan/Libby Keenan took third.

    Anne Guerrant upset top-seeded Kerry Young in the 65s in straight sets, hitting too firmly for Kerry to successfully execute her deadly dropshot often enough. Carol Gay defaulted too Brenda Carter (illness), so Carter faces Guerrant in the final tomorrow. However Young ended the day on a winning note, teaming with Sue Bramlette to thoroughly beat Carter/Cindy Babb. Sue was on top of the ball, hitting numerous angles which opened up the middle and Kerry was on top of the net to finish the point there. The 3/4 playoff was won 76 (8) 76 (8) by Toni Novack/Pam Simons over Carol Clay/Ellen Goodman; Clay/Goodman had numerous set points in the second set but didn’t seem to perturbed by the loss, having enjoyed the match.

    In the 55s, I beat Kris McDonald in a tough 63 61 match while Diane Barker allowed Kathy Vick only a single game in advancing to the final. McDonald though won the doubles title with Betsy Savitt 63 64 over Cindy Leprevost/Yvonne Gallop, the third seeds. In the 3/4 playoff, the top two seeds squared off, with the top seeds, Mary Ginnard/Vick finishing strongly, beating Erin Boynton/Abbi Neuthaler, the second seeds, 46 62 62.

    Susan Boyer won the 45 singles by default over Daniela Esswein. The 45s doubles is set too, between Neuthaler/Sally Zasloff and Melanie Carter/

    Draws and results; http://tennislink.usta.com/tournaments/TournamentHome/Tournament.aspx?T=155292#&&s=7Draws8

    starred photo starred photos 2-6-2015 2-00-45 PM starred photos 2-6-2015 11-06-20 AM starred photos 2-6-2015 11-05-06 AM starred photos 2-6-2015 11-05-45 AM  starred photos 2-6-2015 11-06-55 AM starred photos 2-6-2015 11-13-29 AM starred photos 2-6-2015 11-14-24 AM starred photos 2-6-2015 11-15-25 AM starred photos 2-6-2015 11-16-26 AM starred photos 2-6-2015 11-23-43 AM starred photos 2-6-2015 11-58-49 AM starred photos 2-6-2015 11-59-13 AM starred photos 2-6-2015 11-59-48 AM starred photos 2-6-2015 12-02-29 PM starred photos 2-6-2015 12-16-27 PM starred photos 2-6-2015 12-18-12 PM starred photos 2-6-2015 12-29-05 PM