The Sun Makes a Cameo Appearance in Mont Tremblant

Draws are here.

Photos are here.

I actually hit tennis balls today…not as much as I’d have liked, but that wasn’t the weather’s fault, but rather because I received a default in my first match of the day…which I found out about around 8am (it was scheduled for 9am). The courts were quite soggy early and the 9am matches were moved to noon, but no changes in format were made from best of three tiebreak sets. (I visited a grocery store before I scouted my potential opponents and this one had small lines because…it had automated check out kiosks!) I watched my potential opponents for a set and took some photos. My second scheduled match of the day was not before 3:30 so I returned to my rented condo for lunch.

The sun peeked out around noon and stayed out on and off through the afternoon. It was pretty sunny at times during my 3:30 match with Francine Pilon. Francine has nice strokes and good power and excellent forward movement but made a few too many errors and I won comfortably. She lives in Montreal and said that she’d just transitioned from indoor to outdoor play a week or two ago…and that she only played doubles. She was practicing for mixed on Monday evening and looked very comfortable on the half court.

I play Jeanne MacEachern in the final tomorrow not before 11:30 (third match) but it’s going to be pretty hit and miss with the weather.

Center is Francine and Carolyn; to our left are Hilary (lost to Jeanie first round) and Francine); to our right is Vivian Steward; action photos are from the Grey Rock venue, the rest at the Mont Tremblant Tennis Center.

The doubles draw is made now, we were moved from 65 to the 60s which has a good draw of 7 teams. However, the weather forecast is so grim I think we’ll be lucky to finish the doubles…or even to start it. And if it is played a vastly shorter match format will have to be used (short sets with a match tiebreak anyone?).

I ran into one American here, Michael Beautyman…and also Andrew Rae from Australia. The draw is overwhelmingly Canadian but there are a few foreign players here.

I drove to the other side of Lac Tremblant and took a few photos of the town and lake while the sun was shining, something I don’t think I’ll see again this week! The fact that this is a ski resort is quite evident from the first photo.

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