The Team is Coming Together in Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal

Today, Thursday, all of the USA Marble Cup team members have arrived in Lisbon. Susan, Jenny and I met Diane and Jack Barker at the CDN Jamor (National Stadium) in Oeiras, just outside of Lisbon. The Uber driver dropped us off near the stadium…with all of Jenny’s luggage…and then we found out we were a 15-20 minute walk from the courts. We followed the signs to the courts and then didn’t see where the office was. I went looking for it and found the ITF office and Hayley Iveson in front of the stadium court. Diane and Jack arrived shortly after (also having been dropped off far from the courts).

We all practiced on two courts, then Susan and I went to meet Robin Harris at the airport and Diane, Jack and Jenny back to their hotel…or we assume they did…as we left they were trying to find their Uber driver, who was lost. We’re practicing at 10 tomorrow so we’ll find out then.

We eventually found Robin at the airport…in the Metro (not sure how go right after exiting the baggage claim lead to the Metro, which entailed going out of the airport and down a level) but we collected Robin and headed back to the flat. It was our smoothest airport Uber experience so far. I’ll be giving airport tours soon.

We showed Robin the local grocery store and our apartment, I cooked salmon and yams and we’re ready for a dual practice day tomorrow.

This is how small our elevator is…Susan barely fit with Robin’s suitcase.

Let the Practice Begin, Lisbon

Adios Mallorca, Hello Lisboa


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