Tracy Houk Blogs from Florida: ITF World Team & Individual World Championships

Tracy Houk


Tracy Houk is the captain of the Maria Bueno Cup team for women 50 and over. She’ll be blogging from Boca Raton and Palm Beach Gardens Florida for the next two weeks.

Click here for background information on the event and the four participating NorCal players: Houk, Fanny Gamble, Oren Motevassel and Judy Newman, selected to participate in this prestigious international team event in Florida beginning Monday.

Click here for more information on this event.

There are 19 nations (teams) participating in the Bueno Cup this year, representing six continents. The first 3 days of the competition will be round robin play after which the winners of each group will go into a single elimination draw and the other countries will also continue to play out down to 19th place. The USA is the defending champion in the Bueno Cup.

Tracy’s Blog: (Click on links to read individual articles and see photos of the team.)

Individuals: End of the Road in Florida, On to La Jolla.

Individuals: Thursday/Friday Update

Individuals: Wednesday Update

April 30, 2014: Tracy won her singles today; lost mixed last night and had a day off from doubles with Anne Kerwin-Payne. Her singles was 3+ hours and she won 16 61 75. I’m sure she’ll write more soon, but I told her I’d post a quick update. It was extremely hot today, it’s survival of the fittest for sure.

Individual World Championships: Monday/Tuesday Update, April 28-29

Individual World Championships: April 27-28

Saturday April 26: USA Falls to France 2/0

Friday April 25: USA Beats Italy 2/1 to Reach Final vs France!

Thursday April 24: Day Off to Practice, Scout and Rest 

Wednesday April 23, 2014: USA Wins Round Robin Group

Tuesday April 22, 2014: USA Wins First Match

Tracy Houk Blog, Monday April 21, 2014

Sunday April 20, 2014: USA seeded #1

Saturday April 19, 2014:  Practice in Florida

Friday April 18, 2014

Good-Bye California, Hello Florida!

Made it to the airport early this morning, around 6:30am. Judy Newman made it just in time, 7:33am, for 7:40am boarding. She was in the Yoga room. They have a Yoga room at the airport ?!!!! Yes, they do. We didn’t have seats together, but asked the nice lady in my row if she would switch with Judy, they both had window seats. I had the isle. And she obliged. No one sat between us, so Judy pulled out her Backgammon board, and 5 games later, and catching up on our life back home, we were landing in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Our teammate Fran Chandler, picked us up from the airport. We drove to the hotel and picked up our other teammate, Vicki Buholz, and went to a quick dinner. Judy and I had a 7pm court reservation. After a light hit, we headed to Whole Foods for some healthy snacks and bottled water. Finally, we got to our room, showered, and in bed by 10pm, Florida time. Look forward to our team practice tomorrow morning. Go USA !!!!! (Photos of Judy Newman, Fran Chandler, and Vicki Buholz below.)

Judy Newman Fran Chandler Vicki Buholz

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Today, I got up early and took the pups out for a beach walk, 6AM to be exact. Latte in hand, we strolled the sand dunes, and dipped our feet in the cool waters. It was a sad finish, as I loaded up the dogs, and we headed over to the Doggie Resort, where they will stay, for the week, and home on the weekends, with Sam ( my hubby ) that left me the rest of the day to clean the house, do laundry, and pick up my freshly strung weapons ( rackets ). Now, I am waiting for Sam to come home, and we will go out for a nice dinner. It’s lonely in the house, without the (3) dogs. Until tomorrow, early, for my 8AM flight out to Ft. Lauderdale. Good night


Wednesday, April 16, 2014.

Last day of practice on the clay, before I leave Friday,early morning to Florida. Meeting my team mate, Judy Newman, Santa Cruz, CA at the airport. We are flying together to Ft. Lauderdale. Our other teammates, Fran Chandler, Jackson Tennessee and Vicki Buholz, Dallas, Texas, will pick us up and we will have dinner together. Judy and I have a court at 7pm to get the kinks out from our flight. We are  defending Champions, and look forward to playing the best players in senior tennis around the world.

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